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I have mixed feelings about Final Fantasy XIII (FF13). This RPG thrusts you into the middle of a breathtaking sci-fi adventure but severely constrains exploration of the attractive scenery. The game's breakneck forward momentum makes good narrative sense -- protagonist Lightning and her friends...
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2015/11/27: Playstation 3: Final Fantasy XIII

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2015/11/24: Turbografx-16: Ninja Warriors, The (Japan), Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (Japan) (CD)

It looks like every other vertical shooter I've ever seen in my life, yet I still can't resist a manic shooter like Ghost Blade. If you're wondering if it's one of those insanely-busy "bullet hell" shooters, the answer is yes. As you wipe the screen with streams of missiles bonus objects...
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2015/11/21: Dreamcast: Ghost Blade

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2015/11/11: Playstation 4: Bloodborne, Shovel Knight

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2015/11/8: Playstation: NCAA Gamebreaker, NCAA Gamebreaker 98, NCAA Gamebreaker 99

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2015/11/5: Atari 2600: Bridge, Xevious (Prototype)

2015/11/1: Sega CD: 3 Ninjas Kick Back, Flink

2015/10/27: Playstation 2: Haunting Ground

2015/10/20: Wii U: Mario Party 10

2015/10/18: Playstation: Iron & Blood: Warriors of Ravenloft, Killing Zone

2015/10/14: Dreamcast: Elansar & Philia

2015/10/8: NES: Tecmo Bowl, Monster in my Pocket, Terminator, The

2015/10/5: Playstation 4: Madden NFL 16

2015/9/30: Genesis: Thunder Fox, Chuck II: Son of Chuck, Viewpoint

2015/9/25: Playstation 4: Until Dawn

2015/9/22: Super Nintendo: California Games II, Phalanx, Tinstar

2015/9/17: Xbox One: Rare Replay

2015/9/12: Genesis: California Games, Last Action Hero, Ecco Jr.

2015/9/9: Playstation 4: Batman: Arkham Knight

2015/9/6: Wii: Fishing Resort, Go Vacation

2015/9/4: Odyssey 2: Volleyball, Traffic

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