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2017/11/19: Nintendo Switch: Sine Mora EX, Super Mario Odyssey

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2017/11/17: Sega CD: Revenge of the Ninja, Starblade

Have you ever noticed most puzzle games tend to be knock-offs of Tetris (NES, 1989) or Dr. Mario (NES, 1990)? Not Assembloids. I've never played anything quite like this. The game is so simple and unique you'll wonder why somebody didn't think of it 25 years ago! The goal is to assemble...
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2017/11/14: Atari 2600: Assembloids 2600

Summarizing a boldly unconventional RPG like this without revealing any spoilers is quite the challenge. Undertale puts you in the role of a child trying to survive an underground world so you can return to the surface. You'll encounter a wide variety of quirky enemies and allies, often in the...
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2017/11/12: Playstation 4: Undertale

Samus Return is the "proper" 2D Metroid sequel fans have been waiting for since Super Metroid (SNES, 1994). This engaging sci-fi platformer takes place on an exotic planet that's part ancient Egypt and part Aliens. Our heroine's default weapon is weak but can be fired rapidly. You also have a...
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2017/11/10: Nintendo 3DS: Metroid: Samus Returns

The original Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS, 2012) was a fun spin-off so I figured I'd give its sequel a whirl. During the obligatory install process the game informed me a big fat update was needed, so I went offline to avoid that junk. Revelations 2 begins with a lengthy intro explaining how a...
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2017/11/7: Xbox One: Resident Evil: Revelations 2

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2017/11/2: Wii: Alien Syndrome, The Calling

With freaky characters, twisted scenery, and a ghostly chorus The Nightmare Before Christmas exudes Halloween spirit like few other games. Like the film this is a macabre work of art. Its lavish production values include a motion-picture quality intro complete with narration that sounds like...
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2017/10/30: Xbox: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge

2017/10/28: Atari 2600: Guardian, Ikari Warriors

2017/10/25: Xbox 360: The Evil Within

2017/10/21: Nintendo DS: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice (Europe)

2017/10/19: Game Boy Color: The Simpsons: Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror

2017/10/16: Genesis: Cyberball, Decap Attack

2017/10/15: Genesis: College Football USA '96, College Football USA '97

2017/10/14: Genesis: Bill Walsh College Football, Bill Walsh College Football '95

2017/10/13: Turbografx-16: Ghouls 'N Ghosts

2017/10/9: Playstation 4: Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition

2017/10/7: Intellivision: Thunder Castle, Mystic Castle

2017/10/4: Genesis: Addams Family, The, Tinhead

2017/9/30: Odyssey 2: Amityville, Free Food For Fish

2017/9/26: Nintendo 64: Paperboy

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