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2018/3/22: Turbografx-16: Space Harrier, Turrican

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2018/3/20: Playstation: Krazy Ivan, MTV Pure Ride

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2018/3/18: Tiger Henry, Lights Out

Coming fresh off my review of Chuck Norris Superkicks (Atari 2600, 1983) this Colecovision edition was exactly what I expected. It's the same game except with larger characters, detailed scenery, and stiffer controls. Your guy is a dead ringer for Chuck Norris and I love that spiffy blue uniform....
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2018/3/15: Colecovision: Chuck Norris Superkicks

I was lamenting the lack of new snowboarding games when I stumbled upon Mark McMorris Infinite Air on Amazon. Upon firing up this budget title I found myself heading down a nondescript hill with no introduction or guidance. After pressing a few buttons the game said "Stopped recording. Not...
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2018/3/12: Playstation 4: Mark McMorris Infinite Air

It's impossible to attain a higher level of bad-assity than Chuck Norris. Celebrated movie star, martial arts champion, and part time Texas Ranger, Chuck actually fought Bruce Lee! Not many people can put that on their resume. I was somewhat dismissive of Chuck Norris Superkicks...
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2018/3/9: Atari 2600: Chuck Norris Superkicks

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2018/3/6: Atari XEGS: Downhill, King Tut's Tomb

Salt Lake 2002 does a fine job of conveying the pageantry and spirit of the Winter Olympic games, although the scale feels a lot smaller. Its opening ceremony showcases a huge flame platform being lit as snow and fireworks fill the sky. Throughout the competition you get all kinds of nifty camera...
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2018/3/4: Playstation 2: Salt Lake 2002

2018/3/2: Lynx: APB, Gordo 106

2018/2/27: Playstation 4: Deadpool, Pinball Arcade Season 2

2018/2/24: Bally Astrocade: Castle of Horror, Sea Devil, Bowling

2018/2/21: Genesis: Battle Squadron, Zany Golf

2018/2/18: Playstation: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII

2018/2/14: NES: Mystery Quest, Burai Fighter

2018/2/10: Nintendo Switch: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

2018/2/6: Xbox 360: Fatal Inertia, Price Is Right Decades, The

2018/2/3: Atari 7800: Super Circus AtariAge, Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest

2018/1/31: Sega Master System: Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse, Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse (Europe)

2018/1/27: Nintendo Switch: I Am Setsuna (Japan)

2018/1/23: Super Nintendo: Rocky Rodent, The Shadow

2018/1/20: Playstation 2: SnoCross 2 featuring Blair Morgan

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