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2013/11/11: 3DO: Primal Rage, Psychic Detective

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Review index for 3DO:Sort Names
Crash N BurnCrystal Dynamics1993A
FIFA International SoccerElectronic Arts1995A
PGA Tour GolfElectronic Arts1995A
Road RashElectronic Arts1994A
GexCrystal Dynamics1995A-
John Madden FootballElectronic Arts1994A-
Need For SpeedElectronic Arts1994A-
Night TrapDigital Pictures1993A-
Samurai ShodownCrystal Dynamics1993A-
Slam and JamCrystal Dynamics1995A-
Super Street Fighter II TurboCapcom1994A-
Wing Commander III: Heart of the TigerOrigin1995A-
Burning SoldierGenki1995B
Escape From Monster ManorElectronic Arts1993B
SlayerStrategic Simulations1994C+
Stellar 7: Draxon's RevengeDynamix1993C+
Super Wing CommanderOrigin1994C+
Twisted The Game ShowElectronic Arts1993C+
Phoenix 33DO Studios1995C
Primal RageTime Warner1995C
Return Fire3DO1994C
Shock WaveElectronic Arts1994C
Shock Wave 2: Beyond the GateElectronic Arts1995C
Daedalus Encounter, TheVirgin1995C-
Guardian WarMatsushita1994C-
Demolition ManVirgin1993D+
Jurassic Park InteractiveUniversal1994D+
Psychic DetectiveElectronic Arts1995D+
Alone in the DarkInterplay1994D
Dragon's LairReadysoft1993D
Foes of AliElectronic Arts1995D
PO'edAny Channel1995D
Pebble Beach Golf LinksPanasonic1993D
Space HulkElectronic Arts1995D
Total EclipseCrystal Dynamics1993D
Wicked 18Panasonic1995D
Corpse KillerDigital Pictures1995D-
Mad Dog II: The Lost GoldAmerican Laser Games1994D-
DeathKeepStrategic Simulations1995F
Dennis Miller: That's News To MeLaugh1994F
DoomId Software1995F
Ice BreakerPanasonic1995F
ImmercenaryElectronic Arts1995F
Killing TimeStudio 3DO1995F
PaTaankPF Magic1994F
Rise of the RobotsAccolade1995F
Shadow: War of SuccessionTribeca Digital1994F
Space PiratesAmerican Laser Games1994F
Way of the WarriorUniversal1994F
Mad Dog McCreeAmerican Laser Games1993F-
Oceans BelowAmazing Media1993NA

Total 3DO reviews: 56

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