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2014/9/26: Arcadia 2001: Hobo, Turtles Turpin

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Review index for Arcadia 2001:Sort Names
3D BowlingEmerson1982A-
Cat TraxEmerson1982A-
Route 16Tehkan1983A-
Super BugUA Ltd1983B
Super Bug 2James Jacobs2009B
Turtles TurpinKonami1982B
Mobile Suit Gundam (Japan)Bandai1983B-
Space RaidersEmerson1982B-
Tanks A LotEmerson1982B-
Space AttackEmerson1982C+
Alien InvadersEmerson1982C
Astro InvaderEmerson1982C
American FootballEmerson1982D+
HoboUA Ltd1983D
Space VulturesLeisure Vision1982D
Missile WarLeisure Vision1982D-
Ocean BattleEmerson1982D-
Robot KillerEmerson1982F
Star ChessEmerson1982F

Total Arcadia 2001 reviews: 24

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