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It's accepted as fact by the scientific community that just about any video game based on a movie will be awful. Friday the 13th doesn't do much to buck the trend, but while playing it before Halloween with beer in hand, I didn't hate it. You begin in a church, playing the role of a camp...
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2014/10/29: Commodore 64: Friday the 13th

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Review index for Commodore 64:Sort Names
Castles of Doctor Creep, TheBroderbund1984A+
Red Storm RisingMicroprose1988A
Space TaxiMuse Software1984A-
Airborne RangerMicroprose1987B+
Jumpman JuniorEpyx1983B+
Raid Over MoscowAccess Software1984B+
Beach-HeadAccess Software1983B
Sword of FargoalEpyx1983B-
4th & InchesAccolade1987C+
Beyond Castle WolfensteinMuse Software1984C+
Championship BaseballGamestar1986C-
Pitstop 2Epyx1984C-
Winter GamesEpyx1985C-
50 Mission CrushStrategic Simulations Inc.1984D+
Computer AmbushStrategic Simulations Inc.1982D
Friday the 13thDomark Ltd.1985D
Congo BongoSega1983D-
The Last NinjaSystem 31987D-
Howard the DuckActivision1986F

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