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If there is one lesson the Critic has taught me time and again, it's that to be properly appreciated, games must be played "in season". And with the surprise turn of events that lead Vladimir Putin to invade the Ukraine, this is the perfect time to curl up with Red Storm Rising! That's right, The...
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2014/6/3: Commodore 64: Red Storm Rising

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Castles of Doctor Creep, TheBroderbund1984A+
Red Storm RisingMicroprose1988A
Space TaxiMuse Software1984A-
Airborne RangerMicroprose1987B+
Jumpman JuniorEpyx1983B+
Raid Over MoscowAccess Software1984B+
Beach-HeadAccess Software1983B
4th & InchesAccolade1987C+
Beyond Castle WolfensteinMuse Software1984C+
Championship BaseballGamestar1986C-
Pitstop 2Epyx1984C-
Winter GamesEpyx1985C-
50 Mission CrushStrategic Simulations Inc.1984D+
Computer AmbushStrategic Simulations Inc.1982D
Congo BongoSega1983D-
The Last NinjaSystem 31987D-
Howard the DuckActivision1986F

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