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Halo Xbox Items


I already had an Xbox when this special green "Halo Edition" was released, but being only human, I couldn't pass it up. In retrospect it was a wise move, because I hear these things are now going for hundreds of dollars on Ebay. And let's face it, you really can't have enough Xboxes, can you? I really love the transparent green shell and the matching controller. Of my entire video game collection, this is probably one of my most prized items. Also shown are pictures of a nifty little Halo pen my buddy Scott bought for me off Ebay. Saying it's the best pen ever would be a horrendous understatement. It's actually capabable of glowing in five different colors (sorry, you only get to see three), and it even has a special mode where it cycles through colors. It goes without saying that this awesome pen can never be used under any circumstances.

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