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Street Fighter 2
Anniversary Edition Controllers


I'm not sure what I like most about these, the controllers or the classy packaging. The controllers themselves are shaped very similar to the old Saturn models, and they feel quite comfortable with their smooth, rounded edges. Each is based on a Street Fighter character, including Ryu, Chun Li, Ken, and Akuma. I love the color combinations, but those animated "holograms" are unimpressive. They look pixilated, and the animation is hard to make out. Still, when it comes to playing 2D fighters, the six-button layout sure beats the standard Playstation 2 configuration. Unfortunately, the tiny start and select buttons are located very close to the normal buttons, and it's too easy to accidentally pause the game in the heat of battle. I also have to question the choice of Akuma, one of the least popular characters in the series - a green Guile or Blanka controller would have been better. The laminated boxes are works of art, with lids that fold open and make the controllers look even attractive than they actually are. The included certificate seems funny to me, as if someone is going to challenge the authenticity of my controllers. That hardly ever happens.

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