The Video Game Critic's Dance Off

By Dave, The Video Game Critic

Only one of my friends is secure enough in his manhood to play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) games with me, and that's George. Time and time again, we've engaged in an epic struggle to determine once and for all who is the dominant booty shaker. Here are some pictures of a recent battle. Click on the thumbs for full size pics, but promise you won't laugh!

That's me wearing the white shirt and George is in the dark. Note my body position.
In order to maximize my energy and concentration, I put myself into a zen-like trance before each game.
And no, that's not camera red-eye - my eyes actually turn red when I play the game. It's THAT intense!!
As you can see, we put our entire body into it.
George has also been known to throw an extraneous elbow in my direction - cheating bastard!
Needless to say, hilarity ensues. By this point our wives are sitting in the kitchen laughing their asses off.
Note the look of sheer determination on my face as I mount a huge comeback.
Also note the alcoholic beverage on the floor providing morale support.
Being the pros we are, George and I have taken this dance craze business to a whole new level by perfecting some intricate two-man moves.
This one in particular requires a great deal of technique and skill - don't try this at home kids!

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