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2014/4/15: Playstation 2: God Hand, The Bouncer

Nintendo has released several excellent platformers for the Wii U, but Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze takes the cake! I was instantly struck by the sharpness of the graphics. Donkey Kong's fur looks so soft! Then I realized this was the first time I've played a Donkey Kong Country...
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2014/4/12: Wii U: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

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2014/4/10: Super Nintendo: NHL '96, NHL '97, NHL '98

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2014/4/9: Super Nintendo: NHL '94, NHL '95, NHLPA Hockey '93

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2014/4/6: Bally Astrocade: Biorhythm, Blast Droids, Sea Wolf/Missile

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2014/4/4: Playstation: 1Xtreme, 2Xtreme, 3Xtreme

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Mar 5: Still holding your breath for a third Mortal Kombat movie? In the meantime check out my brand new Mortal Kombat Blu-Ray Round-Up.

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