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2015/1/27: Dreamcast: Worms Armageddon, Xtreme Sports, Worms World Party

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2015/1/24: Xbox One: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Sunset Overdrive

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2015/1/21: Atari 7800: Astro Blaster, K.C. Munchkin

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2015/1/18: Odyssey 2: K.C. Munchkin!, Demon Attack, Amok!

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2015/1/15: Atari 2600: Glacier Patrol, Byte Before Christmas, The, Stay Frosty 2

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2015/1/13: Game Boy Color: Pac-Man: Special Color Edition, Pokemon Pinball, X-Men: Mutant Academy
2015/1/10: Wii U: Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
2015/1/7: Playstation 4: Minecraft, NBA 2K15
2015/1/4: Game Boy: Batman, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Batman Forever
2015/1/1: Super Nintendo: Pit Fighter, Super Off Road, Alien Vs. Predator
2014/12/28: Saturn: Chase HQ Plus SCI (Japan), Galaxy Force II (Japan)
2014/12/26: Sega CD: Demolition Man, Wirehead
2014/12/21: Xbox One: Killer Instinct
2014/12/17: Genesis: James Pond II: Codename Robocod, The Tick
2014/12/14: Playstation 3: Puppeteer
2014/12/9: NES: Milon's Secret Castle, Beetlejuice, Silver Surfer
2014/12/7: Intellivision: Ms. Night Stalker
2014/12/4: Turbografx-16: Final Zone II, Last Alert, Valis IV (Japan)
2014/11/29: Playstation: Ridge Racer, ESPN Extreme Games, Ridge Racer Revolution
2014/11/26: Atari 2600: Ram It, Spitfire Attack, Subterranea
2014/11/23: Wii U: Bayonetta 2, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

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Jan 28: Read my latest special feature: The Top 25 Multiplayer Games of All Time!

Jan 16: See my review of the Intellivision Flashback.

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Guilty Gear Xrd (PS4)
Darkwing Duck (Turbografx)
Death Race (Odyssey 2)
Ms. Pac-Man (Intellivision)
NES Remix (Wii U)
Jaguar XJ220 (Sega CD)
Gravitar (Atari 2600)
Winter Extreme (SNES)
NHL 15 (PS4)
Gauntlet IV (Genesis)
Bump N Jump (Colecovision)
Forzon Horizon 2 (Xbox One)
Courier Crisis (Saturn)
Al Unser Jr's Turbo Racing (NES)
Rampage (Wii)
SNK Classics Vol. 0 (PSP)
Robocop 3 (Genesis)
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