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by BanjoPickles
September 17th, 2017, 9:20 pm
Forum: Review Feedback
Topic: 2017/9/17: Xbox One: Final Fantasy XV
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Re: 2017/9/17: Xbox One: Final Fantasy XV

I have long given up on this series, mainly because SE seems content sacrificing quality gameplay for the sake of creating something unique. I watched videos on the game, and it left me completely unimpressed. I can't, for the life of me, figure out what happened to this company! They've reached thi...
by BanjoPickles
September 16th, 2017, 2:26 pm
Forum: Modern Gaming
Topic: How much did it cost?
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Re: How much did it cost?

Right now, I have a Switch, a carrying case, Splatoon 2, Breath of the Wild, Gunbarich, and Strikers 1945: -Splatoon 2 and BotW: about $130, after taxes -Gunbarich and Strikers 1945 were about $17 combined. -Switch was about $330 after taxes. -the carrying case was $15 So, I would say that the entir...
by BanjoPickles
September 15th, 2017, 10:28 pm
Forum: Now Playing
Topic: Dark Souls II: Scholars (PS4)
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Dark Souls II: Scholars (PS4)

I don't know why I bypassed this game, considering that I've invested time into every other game in the series. I downloaded it last week when it was on sale ($11.99! Not too shabby). I'm still near the beginning, but I can already see why it's considered the worst in the series. There seems to be a...
by BanjoPickles
September 9th, 2017, 3:07 am
Forum: Video Games General
Topic: Final Pre-Release Thoughts on SNES Classic/A Proposal
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Final Pre-Release Thoughts on SNES Classic/A Proposal

With three weeks remaining, I've been giving the pre-release disaster of the SNES Classic a lot of thought. Up until recently, I've been in the camp that believes that Nintendo could rectify these issues by way of mass production. After thinking it through, I've come up with a better idea: Why would...
by BanjoPickles
August 28th, 2017, 9:59 pm
Forum: Video Games General
Topic: RetroPie?
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Re: RetroPie?

I would love to get a Rasberry Pi for Atari 7800, 32X, and Sega CD emulation. I've had difficulty getting the Sega CD to run in the past, but I know that it can be done. I would gladly get one to have games like Willy Beamish, Dracula Unleashed, Snatcher, Tomcat Alley, Sewer Shark, Food Fight, etc. ...
by BanjoPickles
August 26th, 2017, 11:44 pm
Forum: Now Playing
Topic: Gunbarich (Switch)
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Gunbarich (Switch)

Another Psikyo arcade game, this one from 2001. If I were to write a review, it would be as simple as this: Ultra addicting, totally unique game that is a cross between pinball, breakout, bomberman, and schmup. You control a paddle, with flippers, and the goal is to break the blocks, while avoiding ...
by BanjoPickles
August 24th, 2017, 1:42 pm
Forum: Video Games General
Topic: Does Nintendo hate money?
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Re: Does Nintendo hate money?

I actually had an idea the other day, when the preorders started, and I wanted to bounce it off of you guys: In my opinion, there is a way to somewhat curtail the abundance of scalping for the Classic line: MyNintendo. Why doesn't Nintendo release them exclusively for MyNintendo makers who have to h...
by BanjoPickles
August 22nd, 2017, 8:51 pm
Forum: Classic Gaming
Topic: SNES Classic Announced
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Re: SNES Classic Announced

Here's a funny story for you: I have a tracker app downloaded to my phone, to alert me when certain things are released or are given a preorder. Last night, I drank my nightly bottle of water, and passed out at nine. At 10:15, I woke up to go the bathroom and "SNES Classic preorder. Best Buy. S...
by BanjoPickles
August 12th, 2017, 2:32 am
Forum: Classic Gaming
Topic: I have a bad feeling about the future of the Virtual Console
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I have a bad feeling about the future of the Virtual Console

We're five months into the lifespan of Switch, and there still hasn't been a single word about the Virtual Console. No word on transfers (a feature that the Wii U had on day one), or---we'll, anything else. I've started thinking that there's a chance that there won't be a VC on Switch, that the onli...
by BanjoPickles
August 5th, 2017, 1:08 am
Forum: Now Playing
Topic: Strikers 1945 (Switch)
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Strikers 1945 (Switch)

Here's a pleasant surprise! I'm a big fan of bullet hell games, even though I've never been good at them! I had played this at the Seattle Retro Game Expo, last summer, but I forgot what it was called! What's really neat is that you can run the game vertically, so I plan on buying a stand in the nex...

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