Random Atari 2600 thoughts....

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Random Atari 2600 thoughts....

Postby Teddybear1 » April 4th, 2012, 9:18 pm

I have been heavily playing the 2600 lately, although it is baseball season and the RealSports Baseball game for the 5200 is calling my name.  Here are some of my useless personal observations....


ZAXXON I would like to see the Critic re-review this game.  I'd give it a B+.  While it is understood that this is the Atari VCS I think Coleco really did a great job with this one, perhaps their best 2600 effort ever.  While this game should not really have been attempted, I found it highly playable and pretty close to the "spirit" of the coin-op.  Speaking with regards to the severe limitation of the 2600, of course.


CENTIPEDE/MILLIPEDE Played only with my Atari track-ball.....UNBELIEVEABLE how sweet these adaptions are!!  You'll ignore the blocky graphics very shortly after plugging these carts in.  No, it ain't the arcade but with the track-ball it might as well be.  Simply fantastic ports!


BOWLING  Simple, easy to understand and a most challenging rendition of the sport.  I only play the curve ball option.  My best score is 243.  Has anyone thrown a perfect 300 on any selection (curve, straight or control)?  Any Easter eggs that would result would be most worthy of such an accomplishment! Like Dodge 'Em, a classic early 2600 game that will never get old.


ASTROBLAST Just a few months ago I grabbed this one for a $1.00....probably the best buck I've ever spent.  Best shooter on the 2600 in my narrow mind.  I love the complete change of color of the sky when you pass a certain plateau.  This game should only be played with a paddle and ONLY with the auto-fire option.  While I never was a big fan of shooters, this one has got me hooked.


H.E.R.O. I'll say it now - this is my favorite 2600 game EVER.  It has a key quality that I hold sacred for old-school games....keep playing 'em until you pass every level.  I do understand those that claim the control makes this a less-than-perfect-game but I would counter that it is what makes it a total gem.  Master it's gravity (preferably with a Gemstick, the MOST durable 2600 controller) and let the magic of this classic take you downward.


VERY Honorable mention to some other sweet VCS games....Dig Dug, Kaboom! and Video Pinball.



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Random Atari 2600 thoughts....

Postby matmico1 » April 11th, 2012, 5:50 pm

Good article.

I would really like to see the VGC re-review Raiders of the Lost Ark for the 2600 again. If I'm not mistaken, I believe it was released the same Christmas as E.T. The quest to find the Ark was unbelievably addicting. I remember my brother Mark and our friend Jason playing on this for months trying to solve it. And even though it took awhile, I don't ever remember being so engrossed in an Atari 2600 game. Sitting in class could not go fast enough, as I was dying to get home and find some more clues. I even remember my friend Brian calling me up about every 30 minutes after I told him I finally beat it. As great friends always do, I strung him along hint by hint. I believe it almost made him go haywire.

Luv an updated review!

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