Colecovision: Q*Bert vs. Q*Bert's Cubes....

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Colecovision: Q*Bert vs. Q*Bert's Cubes....

Postby Teddybear1 » May 10th, 2014, 7:52 pm

I am dedicating the Summer of 2014 to getting to know my Colecovision better!!

That said....can somebody help me with pointing out the fun in Q*Bert's Cubes????

Compared to the original Q*Bert this game's objective is rough, tough and simply very little fun.  And a painful irony is how amazingly BEAUTIFUL the graphics with this game are.  Q*Bert himself looks just like the arcade version of his cussing bad-ass.  An additional irony (the one that REALLY kills) is how awesome the control is with a standard Atari-style joystick is with this game.  I WISH the Coleco Q*Bert was this precise.  It ain't bad but for whatever reasons the diagonal control on Cubes is PERFECT in comparison with the first Q*Bert.

I know the VGC hasn't reviewed Cubes for Colecovision....any input guys?

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