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Re: SNES Classic Announced

Postby ActRaiser » August 22nd, 2017, 9:19 pm

MoarRipter wrote:
Retro STrife wrote:While I agree that pre-orders have been a mess, and Nintendo certainly doesn't deserve any benefits of the doubt at this point, I still think it's best to pump the brakes and see how the actual September 29th release goes. I'm not optimistic about it, but still, I won't judge the whole SNES Classic by its pre-order period. I think it was Allen Iverson who said "What are we talking about? Pre-orders? We're talking about pre-orders, man. We ain't talking about the game."

Perhaps Nintendo is being smart by using the pre-order period to determine how many SNES Classics they need to manufacture. I give that about a 5% chance, but we won't know for sure until the real release happens. And really, I'm ok with sell outs on the release date too... just as long as they eventually satisfy most of the demand before stopping production, unlike the NES Classic fiasco.

Nintendo is not being smart. If they were being smart they would've opened up the pre-order period immediately after announcement like most companies do, so they could try to accurately gauge demand. But no, this is typical Nintendo. Same tactics, different product. Nintendo can go jump off of a pier without a life vest. And the same with Walmart - they should've at least given advance notice or some kind of pre-dibs for people who got screwed over on that pre-order mess that happened a month ago. They had my money for days before they canceled my pre-order after Nintendo ordered them to, what did I get from that? A canned apology letter from some random person at Walmart. Yeah thanks for that, that was really worth letting you hang onto my money for a week. :roll:

If I happen to walk into a store and see one on the shelf, for MSRP, then I'll buy it but otherwise forget Nintendo and the retailers who go along with their artificial scarcity game plan tactics. I'd much rather have those games on the Switch anyway so I could play them on the train to work instead of being saddled to a TV and having to occupy yet another HDMI port.

Yep, that's definitely the way I felt last year for the NES Classic. And then I told myself I wouldn't try to get a SNES Classic...and the same thing happened after thinking there might actually be a chance to get one...

If I actually owned stock in Nintendo I'd be a bit upset right about now. It's great they have demand but really they have no interest in fulfilling it.

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