What Hurt the Wii U.....

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What Hurt the Wii U.....

Postby BanjoPickles1 » December 14th, 2013, 3:26 pm

[QUOTE=Segatarious][QUOTE=David] I think the Wii pissed off a lot of Nintendo fans as well who felt betrayed by them chasing a different audience with the Wii.[/QUOTE]

I love this false narrative of a false narrative.

Take your Metroid fan, last gen, on Wii and DS :

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (out within the first year Nintendo started chasing; someone else???)

Metroid: Other M     (because you hate Nintendo, hey, they tried, but IGN hated it)
Metroid Prime Pinball     (  because this is for soccer moms)
Metroid Prime Hunters    (well, they tried to build a brand off Prime 3)

So hopefully Metroid fans do not see one game on Wii U. That is my Christmas wish. Metroid never sold well in the good old days, and yet Nintendo still made it.  Really, the only system sellers left are Mario Kart and Smash Brothers.  I guess Smash will have some Metroid in it, maybe that will be it, on Wii U?

But you got your wish, the casuals are gone. Banjo Pickles and company can finally be happy now. Read it on the internet and repeat it, and call anyone who calls you out for ill logic a troll. Worst fan base ever.


....huh? Yeah, I'm ecstatic to see any gaming company fail! That's what I base my life on. Grow up, seriously.

Nintendo screws up, as do Sony and Microsoft. The joys of gaming are simple: release a steady stream of games that I want to play and I'll buy your system. Nintendo isn't doing that for me anymore, at least not on the console front, so I've moved on. I'm sorry, but your constant need to debate this has become kind of childish.

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What Hurt the Wii U.....

Postby N64Dude1 » December 15th, 2013, 10:58 am

It's not like the Wii U being released later would've done it favors. Nintendo  used to do that every generation,and the Genesis was kicking the SNES butt until about 1995 because it had that 2 year advantage.

Hell if the N64 had come out in '95,it's possible that they could've beat Sony by not giving them the time to prove CD's could work.

Same thing with the Cube,imagine how different that would've been if it had come out in 2000.

It makes sense I'd say for the early launch,but a killer app was needed.

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What Hurt the Wii U.....

Postby NewModelArmy1 » December 15th, 2013, 11:43 am

220k WiiU units sold in November. Pathetic. 360 sold around 700k. Xbox one and PS4 sold millions. Say what you want but the WiiU is in trouble. I want Nintendo to do well but e fact is et released a system that isn't terribly interesting and they have done little to reverse their fortunes. I think they are simply out of touch.

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What Hurt the Wii U.....

Postby scotland171 » January 17th, 2014, 9:14 pm

For those who enjoy horse races, here are some numbers. The big console seller of 2013 was the PS3 at 14.7 million, but the Xbox360 was pretty close. Of the new consoles, the PS4 is at about 4 million but the XboxOne is real close, and not available as widely. The 3DS is doing fine at like 13.5 million, but Nintendo had predicted 18 million. The biggest tale, and why its posted here, is Nintendo dropping sales estimates of the WiiU this year to 3 million, down from 9 million. The result is that Nintendo is forecasting a net loss in their fiscal year ending soon.

Nintendo president Iwata has now said they are examining smart devices to try to grow their audience.

To put some perspective here, recall that Nintendo revived console gaming in the US after the crash, beat the game gear and others with a lower tech gameboy and has survived more assertions of their death than Dracula has. So an annual loss is not a stake through their heart, just some uncomfortable sunshine I think.

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