How much room do I need to give my PS4?

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How much room do I need to give my PS4?

Postby Herschie » June 7th, 2016, 12:04 am

I have this small 4:3 TV that I want to put next to my big TV, because the N64 looks terrible on an HDTV. I mean, awful. But doing that means that I have to move my PS4 from a spot that has plenty of ventilation. I could move it down to the slot below, which would give a ton of space in the front and back, but none whasoever on the side. I could also put it in another place that affords it plenty of space in the front, back, and sides, but only a couple inches on top. The game I play most, MLB: The Show 16, seems to be really tough on the system, as I'm always hearing the fans running.

Would anyone counsel against moving the PS4 to those two spots, and if not, which one should I move it to?

I remember I used to have it in an enclosed entertainment center from like 1993 (When systems didn't run so hot), and it seemed to warm up the room quite nicely. So I moved it. I love the PS4, and it would suck if it broke due to overheating (Or to me getting pissed playing FIFA).

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