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PS4 Pro?

Posted: February 6th, 2017, 3:25 pm
by DaHeckIzDat
I'm planning on finally getting a PS4 in the next couple months. The PS4 slim is only $270 brand new, but they've got the new model (the Pro) that's supposed to be way better and costs $399. What do you guys think, is the extra $130 worth it or should I go with the cheaper model?

Re: PS4 Pro?

Posted: February 6th, 2017, 5:08 pm
by velcrozombie
The two big questions are:

1. Do you have a 4K TV (or, if not, do you plan on getting one?)

2. Are you interested in Playstation VR?

If the answer to either of these questions is "No", then I probably would go for the regular PS4.

Re: PS4 Pro?

Posted: February 6th, 2017, 9:53 pm
by DaHeckIzDat
I don't have a big fancy TV, and I'm only moderately interested in VR. As in, I'd like to try it, but can probably live without it. That does raise another question I've been wondering about, though. Right now I have a Emerson LC320EM3F 32" TV. Will that be able to display PS4 games okay?

Re: PS4 Pro?

Posted: February 7th, 2017, 8:14 am
by Gentlegamer
I've heard some games actually run worse on PS4 Pro.

Re: PS4 Pro?

Posted: February 7th, 2017, 9:35 am
by Retro STrife
I just bought a PS4 myself, so I looked into this beforehand. Velcrozombie is right- those are the only two real considerations for buying the PS4 Pro at this point. And by the way, VR will still work on the older PS4s too (supposedly it might just run a little better on the Pro), so your mild interest in VR isn't enough to push you to the Pro. The differences with the Pro are so minuscule that it's not worth the extra money, so I bought the slim. Sounds like you're in the same boat. As for your TV, you should be fine as long as it has an HDMI connection.

Re: PS4 Pro?

Posted: February 7th, 2017, 10:13 am
by Rookie1
I would expect to see an announcement for another version of the PS4 (or a straight PS5) in the next year, considering the new Xbox Scorpio thing is supposed to essentially be the next next-gen in the xbox lineup. Its supposed to blow everything else away in terms of specs, including the Xbone itself. Its more than just mid-generation update, from what I gather, instead a whole new generation.

Like velcrozombie, the Pro is basically just an updated console to run 4K and VR. If you dont care about that, then there is no real reason to buy it. I would just get the regular PS4 if I were you.