Sonic Forces gameplay revealed

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Sonic Forces gameplay revealed

Postby Stalvern » March 18th, 2017, 1:04 am

Well, here it is, the next Sonic game.

I do find this footage something of a letdown; with the way that "Project Sonic 2017" was hyped up to be some great turning point for the series, I expected more than the same linear gameplay that these games have been doing off and on with minor variations since The Secret Rings (and which is more or less a copy of Crash Bandicoot anyway). Besides, while Colors and Generations did an excellent job with this type of design, it's so specific and limited that it's never felt to me like the ideal model for 3D Sonic - Sonic Adventure was hardly a perfect game, but at its best, its combination of speed and freedom really captured something that these new ones have never lived up to. I'm sure that Sonic Forces will at least be competent, but it takes more than competence to re-establish a brand the way that Sega seems to think this will. (It also takes more than the boring level design in the video to get me excited for any upcoming game, but since it's only 41 seconds, I should probably give Sonic Forces the benefit of the doubt.)

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Re: Sonic Forces gameplay revealed

Postby CharlieR » March 23rd, 2017, 9:25 am

Thanks for posting.

It just seems to me that almost every new Sonic game is expected to be a turning point for the series and in my opinion, they all seem to look the same. Run ahead, jump, boost through the rings in mid-air, press a button to grab the zipline to launch forward, use your homing attack. It all seems like it's been done before.

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