Best open world RPG of this gen: Witcher III, Skyrim, or other?

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Re: Best open world RPG of this gen: Witcher III, Skyrim, or other?

Postby GameOfThrones » November 29th, 2017, 7:57 pm

Though to be fair I forgot to mention a couple of games.

Elder Scrolls on-line. Avoid this game at all costs. It looks like Elder scrolls 3 on the original xbox which is not good for a game released in 2015. It is online and most of the time it refuses to give you a game. When you get onto it the graphics are drab, the story is drab, the whole game is drab. Plus worst of all it is online only. No offline mode. Plus it is a whopping 80gig download. Even if you have the disc. F-

Mass Effect 2 and 3. Both excellent games that I can recommend. I loved playing through them. Think of them as action rpgs. Well worth play. Good graphics and a superb story. 2 and 2 an A.

Mass Effect Andromeda. An open world game. Great graphics but occasionally the quality can really dip. It is really big though it is somewhat let down by some of the puzzles that you have to do. I liked it good story and great game play. You can beat the game in 20 hours but if you play all of it you are looking at 300 hours. I am sure you can pick this one up cheap and it is well worth doing so. Though you do not get to play Shepard something which annoyed a lot of people. You can do there quests or you can just look around. An A
I love Skyrim. You can play the main game. Which is huge. You can play can just walk around and talk to people and explore. There is [b]NO[b][ other game that allows you that amount of freedom. Plus the graphics are the best on any RPG this gen. Sometimes I just go into the caves and look around them. So awesome and non linear. Other times I play the main quest. Then you hear a cry of a dinosaur and everything shakes around you. A dragon has come to ruin your exploring. Time to fight or time to flee? A plus
Also Never winter nights. This MMO is pretty good and is available for free. Though whilst playing it you see people riding around on tigers. You want one you have to pay. It is also open world. I rate it as a b plus.

Star trek online. I am in two minds about this one. I tries hard but I have not been able to get into it. You get space battles and exploring but it is very verbose. Currently a C plus. Free to play MMO. As with the above Neverwinter it is online only but still way better than ESO.
Path of the exile. Another free MMO. I thought it was okay. Probably a B. I have not got into it either.

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Re: Best open world RPG of this gen: Witcher III, Skyrim, or other?

Postby Tron » December 11th, 2017, 10:47 pm

Skyrim is awesome, but .....two problems almost turned me off.
Spoilers ahead.......
First there are too many unkillable or "essential" NPCs non player characters. Second is that quests appear to give you options, but then as you get into them you're forced into doing it the "game's way" or not at all. For example when you hear about the Thieves Guild they sound like a bunch of jerks that you will eventually get to kill. NPCs complain about them and they sound like a menace to the city. Then when you finally find them you are forced to either join them or ignore them. This is after the game has led you into thinking you will be able to kill them. This is just one example, however, the game is filled with these sort of scenarios. Still the game is awesome especially if you're a hoarder and like to collect items.

Fallout New Vegas is the best of the last three games. I suggest getting the version with the DLC as it's pretty awesome too. Fallout 3 is also awesome and in some ways actually better than New Vegas. Fallout 4 was a huge let down. Awful in so many ways. The building part was a nice addition, but the factions are all bland and their interactions with each other are non existent. Too many essential characters and the quests run flat

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