Directory of Wii Numbers, Friend Codes, etc

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Directory of Wii Numbers, Friend Codes, etc

Postby funky_muzic1 » December 3rd, 2008, 3:47 pm

Hey Steer,
I got my Wii online over the weekend!  Yay!  I ended up getting a $10 wireless router and a $3 USB/Ethernet adapter (since I'm close enough to hardwire it and it's faster).  I needed the router regardless...but $13 is a deal!
I don't have my friend code yet, but do you play any other online games for the Wii?  I have Mario Kart and Tiger Woods '09.  I'm not sure if I have any others that you can actually play online...


Directory of Wii Numbers, Friend Codes, etc

Postby steer » December 3rd, 2008, 6:12 pm

Ok I loaned a boatload of my Wii games to a guy I know who is dying of cancer - have not had them in 8 months. Anyway I was missing my wii sports and wii play so I traded my MKwii to a co-worker temporary for those games.

But I am DEFINITLY up to MK online in a week or so -

This tears it - I am calling Nintendo tonight and they get  to fix my weird wii connect problem - for free! (Just in case it means I cant play MKWii online as well?)

Lol, what a struggle, but I will let you know when I get this stupid stuff resolved!

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