360 is becoming a Wii wanna-be...

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360 is becoming a Wii wanna-be...

Postby Leo1 » January 5th, 2009, 7:05 pm

I have one hole in one, my only Wii Sports achievement.

Do you guys like baseball on Wii Sports? It always seemed poorly done, I like the bowling, tennis, and golf games much more.


360 is becoming a Wii wanna-be...

Postby steer » January 5th, 2009, 9:04 pm

My favorites are golf and bowling by a mile.

It is hard to throw hooks and uppercuts in boxing consistently, my only Wii Sports control issue.

I get bored with tennis.

And I like the batting and pitching on baseball, and do not mind the auto fielding, but:

Let me throw the ball! Lets have double plays, stealing, sac flys, etc. Obviously they were going arcade on all of these sports, but the strategy in baseball is what makes it fun.

I never made pro in baseball or boxing and dont think I will.

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360 is becoming a Wii wanna-be...

Postby funky_muzic1 » January 6th, 2009, 12:11 pm

I've shot 2 Hole-In-One's (but only one on my Wii).  They may have both been on the 8th hole...
Oh, and I do have ONE perfect game in bowling.  It's quite difficult to bowl 12 strikes in a row, which is why I've only done it once.
Really, my only control issue with Wii Sports is the boxing.  Just like you said Steer, it's hard to throw hooks and uppercuts.  Usually it will only throw one when I'm not trying to throw one.  LOL
I do really enjoy bowling, baseball, tennis, and golf.  Golf is fun (and I love how all of the holes are from the original Nintendo Golf game). 
Bowling is great for people that have never played the Wii, since it's easy to pick up and play.  I still enjoy playing it. 
Tennis gets deeper the more you play it.  Granted it's better to use quick wrist flicks instead of full arm swings, but in that way the game really plays like (real) ping pong!  Of course, it's much more fun to play 2-Player tennis than 1-Player.  Also, have you ever tried to play against yourself at Tennis (1-Player).  Just make all 4 guys your Mii and give it a shot! 
I like the Baseball game a lot too.  Of course, it would be a deeper game if you could field, throw to bases, and run the bases, but the pitcher-batter interface is the best of any baseball game.  Just the fact that you can throw to pitch and swing to hit makes it the best.  Of course, this one is much better 2-Player since it really comes down to a mental battle as to what pitch to throw next and what pitch to look for (if your batting).  Don't forget that you can press the "2" Button to swith to sidearm (or is it the "1" button) and back to overhand.  This will give your curves, screwballs, and splitters a different look.
Also, don't overlook the training games.  Most of them are fun, and the 3rd Baseball training game and the Hitting the Heavy Bag boxing training game will actually give you a pretty good workout!

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360 is becoming a Wii wanna-be...

Postby BanjoPickles1 » January 8th, 2009, 4:32 am

You're right, Steer. All this time I've wasted, worrying about what people listen to and play, could have been spent criticizing and harrassing people, across many threads, over their entitled opinion regarding Super Mario Galaxy. He who lives in glass houses, right? I eagerly await your biting sarcasm.

P.S. I have never been known to allow somebody the final word but it won't die until one of us says it dies. I won't waste my time defending myself with you, but I'd be more than obliged to call out the hypocritical nature of your comment regarding what others play! At least I don't lash out at others about it!

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