Rediscovering the DS

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Julio III

Rediscovering the DS

Postby Julio III » February 3rd, 2009, 2:06 am

So, I originally bought the DS quite near launch and loved its uniqueness as well as its ability to play GBA games (I had never owned a GBA). However, the past year or so I've only ever picked it up occasionally to blast through a game and rarely look into making new purchases. Its been kind of lost for me due to the Wii and Xbox 360. I often feel a lot of game publications/websites are the same, often forgetting the little fella's existance. It doesn't help that when you do go to shops you find things aimed at the new "casual" audience ie games I am not that interested in.

However, since I am now in America for a month or so I don't have access to my consoles so brought my DS with me. I've got back into Essential Sudoku DS which is an excellent puzzle game (it contains 1000 Picross and 1000 Sudoku puzzles). I've also bought 5 new DS games! Bangai-O Spirits has been raved about but I don't understand it at all. Turn It Around is an old arcade minigame port that is terrible. Metal Slug 7 I'm surprised about. And today I picked up Big Bang Mini and Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ. Both innovative shoot-em-ups that take advantage of the DS's unique facilities. Then there are other games which I can't get my hand on right now like Professor Layton and Rhythm Tengoku Gold. I really forgot what a fantastic machine the DS is and how it brought something innovative. It would be good if the websites/general gaming community remembered this as well. The one thing I have found is that these games I am playing are better suited to short bursts than lengthy sessions. Which is probably quite good to differentiate the machine - but not so good when I am without my consoles.

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