PS3 Retails for $500-600, Controller Copies Wii

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sega saturn x

PS3 Retails for $500-600, Controller Copies Wii

Postby sega saturn x » May 10th, 2006, 3:14 pm


You are one of the few then,because the general consensus is that sony dropped the ball and MSFT walked away with it..


Delivering a way more expensive system with graphics and games that don't look any better in gameplay or graphics.


I never said I was buying one I just said I think the games looked more interesting.  The chances are very high I wont own either the 360 or ps3 for years to come.


PS3 Retails for $500-600, Controller Copies Wii

Postby RememberShaqFu? » May 11th, 2006, 10:23 am

Boston, with all due respect, you are defending a system that is 99% franchises!! LOL!! Let us take a look....FFXIII, Devil May Cry 4, a new Warhawk, Tekken 6, Virtual Fighter 5, Metal Gear Solid 4, a new GTA(next year), new Tony Hawk, the EA sports lineup, Resident Evil 5, etc. While Nintendo has their fair share of franchises, I think you are being extremely biased in your judgement of Nintendo. After all, do you honestly expect Nintendo to simply rid themselves of those pesky franchises(wink, wink) all in the name of being ALL original ALL the time;-). I guess it makes sense since Odama, Killer 7, Batallion Wars, Donkey Konga: JB and the like sold billions of copies, right?;-) There is absolutely nothing wrong with franchises so long as there are enough original games coming down the pipeline as well. Personally, for the Wii, I am stoked about this little game called Sadness, as well as some game called Disaster, the new Trauma Center, Wario Ware, Excite Trucks, Super Mario Galaxy, the new Super Smash Bros, etc. I have officially decided that I will never own another Sony product after seeing the controller, as well the price. While I can guarantee that you will defend their decision, I find it amusing that Sony showed the "boomerang" at last year's E3, then at the Gamer's Summit(not long before the then-Revolution controller was shown) and now, suddenly, they have a controller with a similar function! I am sorry, Boston, but as much as you hate Nintendo for relying heavily on their franchises(which they do, like Sony and MS, and it makes PERFECT business sense) I hate Sony for their absolute lack of creativity and OVER RELIANCE of the ideas of others. I don't give a crap if it is only a portion of what the WII controller could do, it's the fact that I have this funny feeling that, after the Wii controller was revealed, Sony scrambled to come up with something that would at least "lift" an element to steal some thunder away from them. I'm sorry but how many ideas have Nintendo or MS stolen from Sony? Oh, that's right, Sony stole THEIR ideas and how does one steal their own ideas BACK?! Anyway, that is my little rant for the day. Boston, I respect the fact that you adore Sony but personally, I think your argument is a wee bit hypocritical....just my thoughts.


PS3 Retails for $500-600, Controller Copies Wii

Postby Boston » May 11th, 2006, 4:26 pm

Hey Shaq-fu,


You make some good points and I have no problem with a Company relies on their franchises, that's good business sense. I respect that. My main focus was against the DS, where most of the good games out for it are derivatives of Nintendo franchises and people try to convince me that its so "innovative". Sorry, I don't think it is.


I actually don't hate Nintendo at all. I hope the Wii and all of the next gen systems do well, it's good for all of us who enjoy a good game or two. I've said it elsewhere that I am most excited for the Wii b/c Nintendo is taking risks and tyring to change the way we play games. However, I have been absolutely unimpressed with the system from what I have seen so far. Of course, I will wait to the thing is actually released before I pass a real judgement on the system. Even the mini reviews I have read (check out about their experience with the system leaves me a bit skeptical. One review said, and I am paraphrasing "I guess with some more practice the game could be fun"; refering to Red Steel.  So I am a little skeptical. The Wii will most likely be the first next gen system I buy b/c of the price but the PS3 won't be far behind. The price doesn't bother me b/c I believe you get what you pay for. 



sega saturn x

PS3 Retails for $500-600, Controller Copies Wii

Postby sega saturn x » May 11th, 2006, 9:55 pm

Yeah especially if you don't mind paying for a format that will be dead in five years.  Blu-ray is what's driving the price up and what's pissing me off.  Call me crazy but I would rather sink the money into GAMES not hardware, dropping blu-ray could have dropped the price at least 200$.  But thanks to sony and their hair brained idea of taking over the media world with blu-ray they are screwing the consumer.  Since there is just no way in the world blu-ray will catch on, I haven't talked to a single person off line who had ever heard of it.  Sony muct think they have an ace up their sleeve with this, the reality is all they have up their sleeve is a blackwidow. 



This isn't to trash talk the system as a whole, many of the games look very good.  But the price is going to doom them, it's that simple.  I'm bashing sonys terrible ideas not the games.

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PS3 Retails for $500-600, Controller Copies Wii

Postby feilong801 » May 11th, 2006, 10:14 pm

Well, I was looking for a thread to post my E3 comments, so I suppose this one is as good as any.


Nintendo's press conference, games, and system were very impressive. My previous posts have revealed me to be somewhat of a Nintendo fan, so I should say at this point that it is only that I totally dig their current strategy; talk to me during the N64 launch and you'll find me in the opposite frame of mind (owned and enjoyed the system, but carts were a bad idea).


Anyway, quasi-apology aside, I think the games looked great! All the usual franchises from the big N plus some interesting third party stuff. Probably the most exciting thing was a new Smash Bros. game featuring Samus, Kid Icarus, and SOLID SNAKE. The GC Smash Bros. enjoyed many hours (usually getting my a** kicked by my friend Jason using Dr. Mario), so I expect much of the same, especially of online play is a factor.


People seem down on Sony. I'll have to check out their press conference to see for myself. But the problem with the new consoles, at least for this "25 year old not making big money yet guy who is about to get his first house" is that when you go much over $250, it starts to require some financial planning (I don't use credit cards, unless its an emergency) to responsibly purchase. I still haven't gotten a 360 yet, although I probably will in mid summer. But at $250, if that is true, I can afford to pre-order the Wii. The Sony system.... well, it'll be powerful, for sure, but that's the cost of a Dell computer after rebates, for heaven's sake!






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