Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (Wii)

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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (Wii)

Postby JustRobert » August 13th, 2015, 7:38 am

I've been playing for over two hours now (through a span of two weeks, though). Staff of Kings so far is...really weird. It feels like a chore to go up boxes and fight bad guys, particularly ones that are way bigger than you. I do find it funny that you can randomly whip stuff. One gripe of mine is how before you face an enemy or shoot the gun for the first time, it actually stops the game to teach you this, rather than putting it in the tutorial, which is way shorter. It is fine...for the first time you encounter enemies/shoot. Having this "teaching moment" occur again even after you die and respawn is perpetually annoying. The one thing that took me the longest to do is to shoot dynamite boxes to make a bridge collapse, mainly because I thought I had to shoot the guy. He had a life bar and was shooting at me, so I thought I had to shoot him. Of course, he gets shots before you can get up, so it took me a while (and watch a walkthrough) to figure that out. The whipping is fine, though aiming it to swing and pull has varying success.

I managed to unlock the option to play Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, a point and click game, after finding some artifacts, which are apparently hats. I played that for a little bit, and I'm liking it, probably more than Staff of Kings.

One gripe I have is that you can't skip a "cinematic" scene if you've respawned. Maybe its my impatience, but I'd rather get to the game again. Also, when did studio intros become elaborate?

Overall, it's okay so far, but it gets tiresome after a while of playing, but at least there are checkpoints to save.

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Re: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (Wii)

Postby snakeboy » August 19th, 2015, 10:31 pm

I actually had a lot of fun with this game. It was part beat em up, part light gun game, with some vehicle stages sprinkled in. I also liked the fact that the game wasn't overly long. Really, it was just how I like my games - lots of variety with little filler. I think the VGC was right on with his B grade.

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