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Knack (PS4)

Posted: July 20th, 2017, 9:20 am
by juhis815
I picked this game up from PlayStation Store as part of the Summer Sale for about 5€, so I figured that if Dave gave this game a B grade, this would be a good time, right?

Well, the first thing that bothered me from the start is that level design is VERY linear. Unless if I missed something here, I haven't noticed any branching paths until I got to the Chapter 2-3, and when it's like that, it doesn't give me too much of a reason to replay this game multiple times if I know how the levels are going to play out.

Second thing is, while combat is easy to grasp, I noticed that it tends to get repetitive after a while, so I probably play this game in short bursts if that's the case.

Also, for a PS4 game, at least it's nice that speaker on DualShock 4 controller is used to good effect, but besides Project CARS on PS4, I haven't noticed any other game that makes use of the little speaker on a controller.

I might have more thoughts about this game when I make more progress, but as of now, take anything what I listed above as a first impressions of a game that I bought for sake of curiosity if it's any good or not.