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Tutankham and Jumpman Jr. for Colecovision

Posted: August 13th, 2011, 5:59 pm
by TedE.Bear
I have been playing these two games HEAVILY the past two weeks.  Tutankham is vastly overrated by the VGC in my opinion.  It is a beautiful-looking game and as he said, the monsters really do look MENACING.  It should be included in the Critic's Halloween game selection.  But the control is pretty awful on this.  You basically HAVE to use the stock Colecovision controller to utilize the right button for shooting & doing a flash bomb.  Unless mine are defective, I have attempted to use a Coleco Gem Stick and a Command Pro joystick that don't work too well with this game.  My point is -  how this game can be an A- while Montezuma's Revenge is a D.  Both are Parker Brothers games and both suffer from poor control.  I personally find the Colecovision version of M's Revenge to control better than Tutankham.

That said, I LOVE Jumpman Jr.  I seldom paid any attention to Jumpman on my Commodore 64.  It looks so plain & lame.  It does take a few replays for the addictiveness to kick in on this game.  But when it does, look out!  The game will keep up to 20 high scores and it is pretty cool to see "TED" running the board.

Tutankham and Jumpman Jr. for Colecovision

Posted: September 6th, 2011, 10:29 am
by Astrosmasher1
I always liked Toot on the coleco... but mine went fizz a couple of years back

Junior Jumpman was also really good