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Tiger Game.com - handheld system

Postby porypowerhour » December 27th, 2011, 10:03 pm

[QUOTE=PSX][QUOTE=porypowerhour]I got two Game.Com's, I have 11 of the games for it, so only 9 more til I got a complete collection haha

I won't write it off as bad, I had marginal fun with games like Quiz Wiz and such. Sonic Jam on it is horrific though. And yeah, the R-Zone is way worse, it's pretty much unplayable.[/QUOTE]

Have you (or anyone else) ever played Frogger on the Game.com? I heard it was one of the few good games on the system, and a GameFAQs user review gave it a 9.  Even the IGN review was positive.

But on my copy the animation is so choppy that it's completely unplayable.  I wrote the game off as a bust-- but then I tried Centipede-- it's the same developer as Frogger, and it played great.  So now I'm wondering if my copy of Frogger is defective.

I actually do not have Frogger yet, but I can't imagine Frogger playing horribly on a Game.Com if they stick to bare bones original Frogger and don't try to emulate the PS1/PC one

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