Mario Kart 7

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Mario Kart 7

Postby VideoGameCritic » February 26th, 2012, 6:19 pm

Been playing Mario Kart 7 (3DS), and yes, it's awesome.

Question, is there a way to avoid those purple shells (while home in on the leader) in any of the Mario Kart games??

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Mario Kart 7

Postby Leo1 » February 26th, 2012, 6:31 pm

There are strategies to avoid them in at least several of the games that they've been present in (Everything after Super Mario Kart, I believe).

Many (Or perhaps all) of those strategies are discussed here.

The information listed for Mario Kart 7 says it can be avoided using a mushroom (To boost you out of the blast area after it flys above you just prior to attacking), an invincible star, or a bullet bill.

Or drop out of 1st place before it attacks you (Which is how I handle it in Mario Kart games). I'll drop back to 2nd or 3rd at a safe distance and wait for the leader to be attacked.


Mario Kart 7

Postby Josh » February 26th, 2012, 7:45 pm

I've been playing this too. It's an excellent game.


Mario Kart 7

Postby 3DSGuy » February 26th, 2012, 9:59 pm


But yeah I agree this is a fantastic 3DS game. Maybe the best Mario Kart game.

Anyways, on your comment with the shell of death, you can avoid it if you somehow get a star or you use a mushroom at the last moment. That or let someone behind you take the lead, and let them take the hit so you can take the lead again.


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Mario Kart 7

Postby T. Mario Kart Guru » February 27th, 2012, 11:55 pm

Spiny Shells can usually be avoided by a star,or simply looking at the map and letting the 2nd place guy take the lead and get hit (usually what I do). Or a damn crafty turbo boost at just the right time. 

A shame it's not like the original grounded version that you could avoid by driving into a wall and quickly turning (okay okay that only works in Super Circuit where you can also not hit crabs by doing the break button),really could've improved that part.

Best Mario Kart game? Certainly not,but I'll be darned if it isn't the best in ten years.

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Mario Kart 7

Postby Weekend_Warrior1 » March 30th, 2012, 11:35 pm

Played the demo at *gasp* Gamestop today. It was definitely very fun. The 3D effect was pretty great, too

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