Cool Idea for Video Game

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Cool Idea for Video Game

Postby DaHeckIzDat » August 23rd, 2015, 9:21 pm

A couple weeks ago I had a really cool idea for a video game, but of course I don't have the skill or the friends to make it. Figured I'd at least share it with you guys to see what you thought. Sooo...

It's kind of like Minecraft, but with a much more clear end goal. You're dropped on one end of a huge randomly generated world. The map is really long. Wide too, but much, much longer than it is wider. Your goal is to make it to your destination at the other end of the world. Kind of like Journey, but you actually have things to do besides "see and experience." First, there are monsters that can and will kill you if you go out unprepared. So, in the first area you're dropped in, you have to start harvesting materials, build a shelter, and basically camp out in a safe spot until you're well equipped enough to take on the enemies. Like Minecraft, you would be able to mine underground for resources you can't find on the surface. I'd hope it would have a better combat system than Minecraft, too. Maybe something like Cubeworld. NPC's will spawn in certain situations in order to trade or give you sidequests. The sidequests would be designed so that you wouldn't have to go very far to complete them. Such as, if you're in a canyon, a giant bird's nest would spawn on top of the cliff. An NPC would spawn directly underneath it and task you with climbing the cliff and retrieving an egg for him. There would be a lot of different biomes, like forest, desert, ice, and mountains, and you would have to traverse several, if not all of them, to reach your destination. And to keep you from staying in one place for too long, some sort of "curse" would be steadily creeping up the map, kinda like the corruption in Terraria. It doesn't kill you to go inside, but the monsters are all incredibly strong and you'll probably end up dying anyway. So, while you're not exactly being rushed you've still got a time limit to keep you on your toes. Maybe, if I wanted to take it further, once you get to your goal at the end of the map, you would acquire a set of items that would make you more of a match for the monsters in the corruption, and you would then have to go all the way back to the beginning of the map to fight an end boss and 100% the game.

Basically what I'm going for is a game that offers the same open world, discovery, and freedom of Minecraft, but you also have a very clear mission you're working towards. A real adventure, not just wandering around the same exact area digging, crafting, fighting, digging crafting, fighting, rinse, repeat. But at the same time, I don't want the player to just be able to charge blindly forward and reach the end of the map in five minutes- I want them to have to stop and prepare for what's ahead, or else face the risk of being killed. A map big enough for plenty of exploration and discovery, but not so much that you'd get lost.

And that's my idea! What do you think?

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Re: Cool Idea for Video Game

Postby tortimer » October 15th, 2016, 11:51 am

I like it! One aspect I'd embellish on is that along the journey you'd find little clues indicating certain characteristics of the end boss (as there would be several permutations) and those would give insight on its strengths and weaknesses. The player should be allowed much freedom in how to ultimately defeat the end boss but those that took the time to study their foe ahead of time, search for signs and plan accordingly would be rewarded with a more win-able battle.

With so many games drawing inspiration from Minecraft in recent years I wouldn't be surprised to find one very much like this already in development or early access.

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