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Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: November 23rd, 2015, 11:33 pm
by Tron
Glen lives. What a disapointment. They set up his death only to leave us hanging. This strikes me as a "jumping the shark" moment. He crawls under the dumpster and all those zombies can't get to him, pretty lame. This is about as bad as a dream sequence scene.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: November 24th, 2015, 10:04 am
by Rookie1
Tron wrote:Glen lives. What a disapointment. They set up his death only to leave us hanging. This strikes me as a "jumping the shark" moment. He crawls under the dumpster and all those zombies can't get to him, pretty lame. This is about as bad as a dream sequence scene.

I thought that whole thing was lame. Obviously there is no way they would take out his character like that. It was silly, didnt add anything to the story, and didnt directly affect any of the cast. Just a dude that falls off a dumpster.

The first thing I wondered was how he took out all the zombies that were trying to get him There was a ring of dead zombies all around the dumpster, how did he take them all out? Also, why did all the other zombies just leave? The whole season thus far was about how the zombies hear a noise or see a person and relentlessly pursue that and never stop. Yet they just walk away from Glenn after what, a few hours? (talking dead says only 1 day has passed in this season).

This whole thing was as lame as the "Wheres Beth" nonsense.

Seemed like they wasted a lot of episode time on plot development for this season. I mean, a 90 minute episode on Morgan? An whats up with the Alexandria folk? They just got slaughtered a few hours prior, and now they are all just chill. They arent even done cleaning up the bodies, but the kitchen lady is relaxed enough to read a book now?

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: November 25th, 2015, 11:10 pm
by Tron
I liked Glen's death scene, when I thought he actually died. Surrounded by zombies &
no place to go, seemed like a fitting end to me. Not every character needs some ceremoniously epic death. I would love to see some major-character death scenes where they come unexpected. Maybe they misjudge the distance, maybe a zombie moves faster then they anticipated, maybe they just hesitate for a second. Now when we see the main characters attack zombies we just expect them to hack away & all be good. There's little sense of danger anymore and that's not good for the show.

I agree about your points about the scene. Hundreds of zombies & they just walk away once Glen is under the dumpster? They don't persue him while he's under there? I've seen some questionable stuff on this show before, but I think this one stands out as the worst one yet. Total cop out of misleading the viewers and then a lame getaway.

The Morgan episode was simply unneeded background story/character development. We knew that psychiatrist was going to die so there wasn't much anticipation about it. Also the way he died was pretty weak. He doesn't notice this zombie walk up from behind him?

Good point about the people in Alexandria. They were almost slaughtered by guys that couldn't find any guns and yet they seem to be just moseying around. Ho hum another day. No sense of panic or preparing.

Last point. How did that tower fall? Nobody notice that it was deteriorating? Rick too busy putting up boards on everything else.

I guess one more point. When Maggie was getting all sensitive about Glen I was just totally disconnected. I just kept thinking that he should've been dead. I know that they were trying to produce a heartfelt moment for the audience with her emotional connection to Glen, but I was just repulsed by it.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: November 26th, 2015, 9:03 am
by scotland
Tron wrote:I liked Glen's death scene, when I thought he actually died.

Yes, there is no believable way Glen is alive even in a magic world of zombies. Even crawling under the dumpster should not have helped. He should have been bitten, mauled, and become zombie pizza guy. It also messed up the storyline that continually being the nice guy has a cost too...the life you save may end up dragging you down. It meshes nicely with Morgans tale and Tara and Daryl too, vs the more ruthless but not heartless Carol and Rick.

For Glen in particular, there is the issue of the comics. The tv show has at times sync'd with the comics, and at times wildly diverged. Sometimes there are almost identical storylines, but othertimes there are character swaps (Bob for Dale). Glen has a key role in a future storyline, so killing him now presents an issue.

It could also all take a different hue if Glen is killed next episode, the same way as we see Morgan's actions differently after his backstory. Perhaps Glen is already bit - but he was under the dumpster awhile, so I don't think so. Perhaps trying to save Enid - whose name means 'life' or 'soul' in Welsh, and is a character of legendary purity in romantic poetry - something Glen would die to protect. Enid may also be the counterpart to comic book Sophia, who did not die back on Herschel's farm, so having Glen die to bring her 'home' might cement her place.

My guess is Glen's close call to death is like Spock's death in the opening of Wrath of Khan before his real death at the end of the movie - the fans expected Spock to die, but not that soon, so that when he really dies it was unexpected again. This may be the logic in Glen's Miracle of the Dumpster.

Tron wrote: How did that tower fall? Nobody notice that it was deteriorating?

Didn't we see boards being tossed out the window of the tower outside of the walls? I don't think it just fell, but was destroyed intentionally...even to how it fell into the walls instead of away or along them. I think that question will be answered next week too, along with the foolishness of teaching an angry hormonal stupid jealous you stole the only girl in town and you just killed my father by shooting him in the face and wanted to dump his body in the woods and want to sleep with my mom teenage boy how to shoot properly. I miss Shane. I would like to see the parallel Shane-verse.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: November 26th, 2015, 8:26 pm
by Tron
You're right Scotland. I forgot about those scenes with the boards falling. Maybe one of Morgan's wolf pets got out?

I hope that kid takes out somebody, Rick's son seems to be the obvious target. It would be interesting if he took out Rick, but I think he's "safe".

I miss Shane too. He was a flawed hero which are my favorite kind. He did some bad stuff under the belief that it was for the greater good. Rick seems more like a "Do it by the book" hero.

At this point I'm a bit bored with the cast. I liked Darryl & Michone when they were both mysterious & badass. They've both been humanized too much now. Too much feelings and development. Maggie is still hot, but instead of being in a hot sexual relationship her relationship with Glen now is like an old married couple.yawn. Abraham was a guy I was really interested in, but now he's starting to shape up into a straight & narrow good guy role. Glen was a solid character, but now with his latest escape I hate him. Surprisingly I think Carrol is the most interesting character now. She's the only one that seems a bit unpredictable. Everyone else seems pretty expendable. I liked Morgan better before he had his epiphany. It seems like Rick is gonna get that milf. It would be better if she hooked up with someone else just to piss him off.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: November 30th, 2015, 8:07 pm
by scotland
The mid season finale was dull. It reminds me of the first half season at Herschel's Farm that brought complaints on the slow pace. Then we had several episodes in the search for sophia, but at least then we had a solid mid season finale closing off that entire story arc with no cliffhangers. This thing ended not just on a cliffhanger but in the middle of a scene. Either the episode was all about stupid things people do during a zombie invasion, such as heart to heart talks, coupled with nothing happening at all.

I've read comments saying that 16 episodes is just too much, which leaves me stunned. Really, 22 episodes should be the minimum for a show anyway. The show seems wildly inconsistent in style, in pacing, in violence, in characterization, in everything. The first few episodes were frantic, with flashbacks and action and people in danger and dying. Ever since Glen at the Dumpster, we've had long backstory episode, and then several episodes that are completely different in character. Even if this was supposed to be like the original Night of the Living Dead, it just didn't deliver.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: November 30th, 2015, 11:18 pm
by Tron
Well old lady founder of Alexandria is dead..... Or is she? Don't worry she'll just crawl under the bed & the zombies will just wander off. Oh & about that bite mark? Don't worry it was actually just an impression of a baseball that she fell on. It wasn't really a bite mark.

If my above explanation sounds stupid don't hate me for it. After Glen's escape what else am I supposed to think?

Wearing zombie guts is another terrible idea. It wasn't so bad when they first did it. The first time they did it the idea was at least original. Also if my memory serves accurate they were covering their faces & hair the first time. Also the first time they did it they were in a big open street with zombies scattered all over the place. They at least had a little room to move around zombies. This time they didn't bother covering their heads. Also they were extremely cramped walking right into a herd of zombies. The absolute worst part though was that in one scene the zombies are all ravenous and aggressive. They take forever playing with zombie guts in the room while the herd is patiently waiting for them downstairs. When the group finally does emerge the zombies are all of a sudden calm & docile. I guess zombie guts acts like a calming agent on zombies.

Also wolf man escapes & takes a hostage. He disarmed them. Why didn't he execute them all right then and there? Perfect opportunity to have some character deaths and of course nothing happens. He also takes the most expendable character as a hostage so if the amateur doctor dies well no big loss there.

We also had Two big standoffs. The two boys fight & Carol versus Morgan. No surprise that no one dies.

Either the writers have lost their ability to write or they hired some new writers that really suck. I still think that the producers, directors or someone has fallen too in love with the cast & doesn't want to see anyone else go. The strength of this show was the expendable cast. Now that the cast can't die it's not very entertaining.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: April 4th, 2016, 7:33 pm
by scotland
Well, that finale was disappointing. What an uneven season. Maybe that is what this show is, uneven.

Playing the video game really drove home how repetitive and depressing the "Walking Dead" universe is. On the road fighting for your life, lose some people, find a safe haven, struggle to survive, meet bad people, safe haven not so safe, fight for haven, lose more people, win or lose fight, zombies come - lose haven anyway, rinse lather repeat. All that changes are the people, whether its Rich and Carl, or Lee and Clem, or whomever.

The comics have always been more violent, but its static, silent, and in black and white. Some images are way over the top, and the tv show has toned them down (Carl was hurt so badly in the comics only the Highlander could have survived it)

Yes, the comics do take a different turn now with the Hilltop and other communities to change things up, even a time skip, but that seems unlikely to happen here (and whether that worked or not is up to you). With the spin off show of FTWD, I think TWD may have 2-3 more seasons and then it will end. This is number 6, and its getting threadbare. What are they doing with Carol this half of the season? With Daryl this whole season? And guns are not BB guns. People do not get shot, and just shrug it off for hours and hours while they walk around pursuing someone.

Now they are playing games like this is a cheap Republic serial of the 1930s instead of a mega hit cable show of the 2010s with all these cliffhangers and fake outs. Is Glenn dead? is Daryl shot? who got to kiss Lucille? Yes, fans will tune in to watch the resolution, but its not going to last forever like that. Fans didn't like the Glenn situations resolution at all. Fans will become just 'people who watch the show because they are invested' and then into 'people who used to watch the show but now just read the recaps'.

On the plus side, the zombie special effects still amaze.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: April 4th, 2016, 8:58 pm
by Steve
I'm curious why this episode is considered a disappointment by so many. I certainly won't deny I am very curious to see who was killed and maybe the word disappointment is ok to use when in reference to not knowing. However, is the entire finale disappointing? I thought the episode was very well done and quite suspenseful. I couldn't really put my finger on it until I heard it described in Talking Dead and that the episode was really all about Rick's downfall. The one thing I did notice while watching the ending was just how terrified and vulnerable he looked. I can't recall seeing that look through the entire series. I thought that was very well done. I'm not going to claim everything about this show is wonderful because it isn't (the episode where Jesus was introduced was beyond stupid). However, much like anything that is at one time put on a pedestal, people just love knocking it down to size and that seems to be what is happening now from reading online.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: April 4th, 2016, 10:40 pm
by scotland
Looking at various sites, its overwhelming how the fans - not critics, but fans of the show - are calling this worse than disappointing. Suspense is one thing, but a good story creates and finally releases tension. The tension was building for half a season, especially the last episode, to a major death. Its a pivotal moment in the source comics, which distinguishes it from Terminus. Not just a death, but seeing it. Being there witnessing this major transformative moment. Instead, we got a fade to black. All tension, no satisfaction.

It would be like seeing Jaws, but the movie ends with Chief Brody on the sinking ship, shooting at the shark....then it goes black (or red and black). Or an Agatha Christie movie, but the movie ends right before the detective solves it. Or Return of the Jedi end with the emperor attacking Luke. Or Force Awakens with Han going out on that bridge to meet Kylo Ren.

Stories have pace and structure, and they left us hanging. The structure was not complete, and the pacing will be nonexistent in 6 months. Even the old serial cliffhangers were just for a week, and the heroes always came through unscathed, neither of which applies here. Had this been the next to last episode in the season, it would have worked, but not as a finale.