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Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: April 6th, 2016, 7:15 am
by Teddybear
I was disappointed and a tad irritated with the finale. For a show that has consistently "pushed the envelope" in terms of content and bleakness I found the ending to be a cheap cop-out.

We're now going to spend the summer wondering who got the bat. They may as well make t-shirts like the ones worn in 1980 that read "Who Shot J.R.?" But now, they can be "Who Got Whacked By Lucille?" shirts.....

That said, my guess is that Eugene got the Lucille love. Abraham was giving him props earlier in the episode and considering Eugene is the show's biggest coward and that Negan was sarcastically complimentary in saying that the person was taking the bat "like a champ" leads me to think of the irony.

If it is Eugene, what a disappointment as he is not a main character!!

Now, I will try my best to tolerate Fear The Walking Dead with the hope that the drug kid becomes a zombie lunch in the first episode!

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: April 6th, 2016, 9:52 am
by Sut
I think this has been a brilliant season. Personally I like the comic book style cliffhanger.

But yep I think it's poor old Eugene he's just got his much wanted respect and his final act will be death. I think it would be a lot more shocking if it was Carl but I can't see that happening although the series has killed plenty of kids off in the past.

I've not watched any Fear the Walking Dead - any good ?

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: April 6th, 2016, 3:17 pm
by Hardcore Sadism
I lost interest after the third season, for a time... This season was a much needed refresh, it shows the writers can roll out the tragic death without losing pace. The Saviors and Whisperers made each episodes ending interesting.

Probably not going to make sense to anyone else, but whoever Negan bludgeoned to death in the comics, may very well carry on into Season 7.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: April 7th, 2016, 5:53 pm
by Tron
I agree w/ Scotland that it was all build-up with no delivery. Second to last episode = good. Last episode = what the fudge!

Nice point Teddybear. It makes sense and I'll jump on board saying Eugene is the batman. From a story stand point I'd say Rick would be it. Take out their leader to best demoralize them.

What was up with Carol and the gun? It looked like some serious spread like an Uzi, but she had it tucked in her sleeve like a pistol. All we saw was a smoking sleeve. What kind of gun did she have?

All in all this was a pretty forgettable season.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: October 25th, 2016, 8:52 pm
by Tron
Overall I was satisfied with the start of the new season.

I'm glad Glen is dead. His Houdini act in the last season left a sour taste in my mouth. He should've been dead several episodes ago so his death was overdue. I liked Abraham & was a little disappointed he died, but oh well.

The show is focusing on humans fighting humans instead of surviving with zombies & that's a bit disappointing. I'm hoping zombies start becoming a more prominent threat again soon. Now it feels as if they are an after thought.

It strikes me as odd how Neegan just let them go to collect him stuff. I suppose he's gonna have some of his people spying on them. I would think that they would turn tail & travel as far away as they could at this point. I know Neegan has Daryl, but I also know that Neegan could very well just kill everyone as well. Run away or hope that he doesn't kill me? I think I'd run.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: October 25th, 2016, 9:30 pm
by Teddybear
I don't know if I could say I was "satisfied" with the season 7 opener.......but I was disturbed. And for a show that consistently pushes the envelope (disregard my previous comment) I suppose that is a high compliment.

The episode delivered. The brutality, the fiendish comic relish that the actor playing Neegan displayed and the utter shock of seeing the characters' demise was beyond belief. I can deal (barely) with Glen's bulging eye but that scene when Rick was about to chop off Carl's arm......I was about to grab the remote and shut the TV off.

That is epic television........right or wrong.

P.S. I do have a difficult time believing that Neegan has managed to have 100+ men completely under his control in the zombie world. Men are men, and machismo and ego do not fade away (even when 99% of the population are flesh-eating creatures). I do hope the show explores this issue (how it came about) and why these dudes kneel when he walks by.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: October 26th, 2016, 9:37 am
by Rookie1
A combination of the horrible season 6 and that horrible spin-off show left me uninterested in this franchise anymore. I watched the Season 7 opener and just wasnt impressed. They milked the reveal for 35 minutes, and then it felt like they did things just to do them. Was Negan going to cut ricks hand off with that hatchet? Well, he slammed it in to the table next to his hand a good half dozen times to make us think so! Rick jumping on the hanging zombie? Why? Oooooh nooos! Is he going to get eaten? Nope! Negan keeps saving him at the last second. Lets not forget about the reveal. Each character that died got their head caved in and then stood up just so they could mumble out their last words. Really? The only thing I really thought was quality suspense was when Negan wanted Rick to cut of Carl's arm. That was intense, and Andrew Lincoln did some quality acting right there. It was the only thing in the episode that felt real, and made sense. My interest has waned for this show. I may or may not continue with it. I dont know yet. Its not like there is much else on, but the laziness of the writing upsets me.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: October 26th, 2016, 11:36 am
by Sut
It was impactful TV. I've never read the comics so I was mega shocked they killed Glen. It somehow disappoints me that a character who has survived so much and had a good moral compass comes to such a non heroic end.

The bulging eyeball and twitching corpse were very disturbing and I actually struggled to sleep ! I will compliment the actor who plays Negan he is captivating.

Like Tron I hope the Zombies don't become secondary but I suppose what can you do with them that hasn't been done.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: October 27th, 2016, 11:25 pm
by Tron
I agree about how Rick jumping onto the hanging zombie was stupid. I know Neegan was firing through the roof so I understand him wanting to escape, but jumping on a hanging zombie? That was stupid.

Surprisingly Glen's death didn't bother me a bit. In fact I rather enjoyed it. I was so pissed about how the show made it look like Glen had died last season only to have him make a miraculous escape that I felt he needed to die to rectify that mistake.

I agree last season was the worst yet, in large part due to Glen's escape, but even beside that issue the season fell flat. The group escaping with zombie guts disguises was dumb too. Hopefully this season will be better.

I too stopped watching the spinoff. It was terrible.

I know a lot of people were bothered by the season premiere, but I wasn't one of them. In fact the only episode that bothered me was when the two little girls got killed a couple of seasons back. That episode got to me and if I ever decide to watch the series again I may even skip that one.

I still think the group needs some new cool exciting characters. Jesus seems like a dork to me. I don't like him much. Michone was cool when she had zombies on leashes, but she's gotten too fleshed out and I'm ready for her to die. Maggie was hot, but now she's all sick and pregnant. Daryl's character has run its course and Carol has gotten to be too far fetched. She's like Rambo now. The bo staff black guy is too righteous.

Re: The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]

Posted: October 28th, 2016, 8:00 am
by scotland
I too stopped watching the spinoff, and agree last season was pretty horrible. I've read the comics, and it just got repetitive at this point. The prison versus the Governor is not very different from Alexandria versus Negan (or even Ricks Group versus Terminus in TV). Worse, the Governor is a better character. Like Shane, he is shades of grey. They even spent several episodes where it looked like the Governor was on the path toward redemption. With Negan? Cartoon villainy.

I get that the point is 'We are the Walking Dead, not the Zombies' so the essential premise of the show is man versus man violence in a destroyed world, where zombies are just a get out of boredom coupon to use every episode. Its the combination that has attracted the big audiences. The man versus man violence is pretty popular on its own, but it needs some hook. Game of thrones has a hook, Walking Dead has a hook, etc. I would like it if the show could explore some other aspects in a post zombie world.

And now its bad storytelling. The Glen Death fakeout, the bothed season 6 finale, the over the top violence just to be violent season 7 opener, the odd behavior of Carol at the end of season 6 and Daryl too -- are they just writing it so they can off Daryl and not have the riot?

The show isn't going anywhere it hasn't already been. Rick is beaten down - so what, farmer Rick was too. Don't think eventually he will be Bad Ol' Rick again someday? Of course he will. Think Negan will win in the end? Nope. Its like the endless Batman versus Joker stories, where stories like A Killing Joke are celebrated for their violence, and not much else.