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Red Tails.

Posted: November 7th, 2017, 8:13 pm
by GameOfThrones
This is a movie about the exploits of an African America air squadron. I had only heard bad things about it but decided to give it a shot as it was on bbc.

Then I watched it and wished I had not bothered. I was hoping for something like Memphis Bell. Something that was historically accurate and told the story.

I managed an hour of this absolute trash. Wow. A movie needs to be made about these men but it is not this one. Like Pearl Harbour not tora tora tora these pilots single handedly won world war 2 or so you would think. There is one scene when they are in kitty hawks and they destroy and entire German airfield. No bombs just bullets and only 4 planes.

The Germans are similarly terrible with the ones out of Raiders of the lost ark seeming to be Oscar winning performances in comparison. Plus there planes can defy gravity.

A truly lamentable production. It is up there with turkeys like howard the duck for sheer awfulness. The at least Howard is so bad he is good.

Re: Red Tails.

Posted: November 18th, 2017, 1:56 pm
by GameOfThrones
It is good to see total apathy for this turkey. I was going to say one of the worst big budget movies ever!!! Up there with Battleship. Though I see a game based on a video game is coming out that looks on a par with it for sheer awfulness. It begins with an R and give me an A MMMMM time to end the page.