Venture (CV & 2600)

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Venture (CV & 2600)

Postby Alienblue » July 7th, 2006, 12:28 pm

Yes, I admit it, I am a Venture fanatic. This was the first "Gaultlet" type game in the arcades (though probably inspired by 2600 ADVENTURE and/or GATEWAY TO APSHAI). The Critic reviewed both versions on the site so I won't bother rehashing the plot. I just wanted to compare these to the coin-op and state that VENTURE and LADYBUG were what sold me on Colecovision, not DONKEY KONG.

The CV port is more than flawless. It is better in some ways then the arcade, though as with most CV translations Nitpickers will notice a couple details missing-Winky doesn't grab a bow and tromp downstairs between levels, and though the mosters still take time to "decay", you don't SEE them "pixel-out", they just hang around awhile then vanish. But the music is probably better on the CV, the sound is awesome and the animation outstanding; here the snakes are large S-shaped critters wriggling towards you as opposed to the flatter serpents in the arcade game. The easier levels are a blessing since I could never crack level two in the coin-op. And the controls mimic the coin-op TOO well, with jerky movement just like the arcade!-oh well!

The 2600 cart is a downer compared to CV but still quite good for the system...only 2 floors (levels), but thats still 8 individual rooms to plunder. Control is a bit better as Winky moves slower, and the mosters are all identifiable-overall it is average for a VCS game but outstanding compared to what we USUALLY saw from Coleco in the way of 2600 games. (I think TIME PILOT and ROC N ROPE were the only other 2600 Coleco games worth $30 back then). Anyway, It gives you a good feeling for arcade play if all you have is 2600. There are a couple of homebrew games out there that use the Venture engine...I think I'll order the "Castle Wofenstein" one next month as Zen highly recommended it.

Does anyone own the INTV version of this? I was wondering how
well you thought it stood up and if it includes all 3 levels...


Venture (CV & 2600)

Postby Zenzerotron » July 8th, 2006, 7:02 pm

Once you play Wolfenstein, you'll NEVER play any version of Venture again.

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