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Pacman Pinball / GBA

Postby Alienblue » August 12th, 2006, 5:06 pm

Pacman Pinball/ GBA / C-

Thank the stars I BORROWED this pathetic turkey rather than buying it. I love even average video piball games, which is why this gets a big C-. It is PLAYABLE but barely. You probably guess the gameplay; Pacman is the "ball", you have 5 chances to press the flippers and hit him up ramps, into "houses", eat dots by passing over them and grab power pellets to eat blue ghosts. There are four boards, but they differ little. Sound and graphics are okay, but the game is just too RANDOM and plain-jane for me. Why not a JUNIOR and MISS pac man board? Why are all the targets so impossible to hit sometimes, while other times it seems you can play forever? Why don't you ever get to actually turn control over to PAC MAN, like when he eats a pellet? Why only one board with more than two flippers? Why ARE THERE NO MAZE ELEMENTS AT ALL!? Why am I wasting my time reviewing this thing? For GBA owners even the E-card "Nintendo Pinball" is superior to this, and Sonic Pinball and a few others are available as well. For DS owners, of course you should read my review of METROID PINBALL, it is far FAR superior. Along with Pac Pix this is just another waste of the PAC MAN liscense. Oh, and yes, even POKEMON PINBALL is superior to this one! The only two games I'd rate this over are PINBALL DREAMS (GBC) and MARIO PINBALL LAND (sorry critic we still dis'gree on dat one!) Remember how bad BABY PAC MAN pinball was? Maybe PAC and PIN don't mix!

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