Sanford and Son (Odyssey 2)

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Sanford and Son (Odyssey 2)

Postby scotland » April 1st, 2017, 12:17 pm

Sanford and Son for the Odyssey 2

Original Cost: $30 on cartridge
Manufacturer: 20th Century Fox
Programmer: Paul Munsey
Release year: 1982
Current Cost: $10

20th Century Fox waded deeply into the waters before the ’83 crash, putting licenses on games that seem to have little to do with the actual licensed property. For the Odyssey 2, they decided to make a driving game and matched it with the 1970s sit-com, Sanford and Son. Don't expect to see Fred Sanford, or Lamont, or even Grady for that matter. The closest we get is a long car that is supposed to be the red truck seen in the opening credits. Its not even really red, or my O2 needs serious color tuning. Maybe its not got the right Wattage. I suppose Lamont is in the truck, out collecting junk.

Break out the Beaujolais, and put yourself behind the wheel of that long junk truck. The gameplay is simple. Avoid other cars, while collecting junk, called ‘antiques’ in the manual. The graphics, such as the cars and antiques are as ugly as Aunt Esther in bright light. The police car adds a twist on what otherwise would utter boredom of a game. If your speed is in the red when you pass a police car, there will an ugly sound, and you’ll lose 20 seconds for speeding. Why 20 seconds? I guess its Smitty and Hoppy in there, who just see its Lamont and let him go. Let’s hope Rollo isn’t in the car with Lamont, or it would be game over. You pull back to brake, and forward to go faster, and the red action button does…nothing. Even with the police car, there still isn’t that much game here.

Sanford and Son Odyssey 2 Screenshot.jpg
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We don’t even get a bad version of the classic theme song, but maybe that’s for the best. It wouldn’t be too hard to say the game is junk, or should we say “antique”.

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Re: Sanford and Son (Odyssey 2)

Postby Robotrek » April 2nd, 2017, 2:04 pm

Clever review, especially since it's on a system nobody would expect it to be on. You got a chuckle out of me, thanks! xD

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