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COLONY 7/Arcade

Postby Alienblue » May 30th, 2009, 6:27 pm

COLONY 7/ Taito/ Arcade/ C+

I'm constantly amazed by how many people think Imagic and Activision made totally unique games, when others like them existed in the arcades. Now, I'm not going to debate which came first but look...Frogger/Freeway. Chopper Command/defender, STAMPEDE/LASSO, Pifall/Jungle King, FIRE FIGHTER/FIRE!FIRE!

And ATLANTIS? That was a remake of COLONY 7.

For those who have not seen this 1981 Taito game (Atlantis came out in 1982) have a colony to protect. With eight assorted objects like rockets, power stations and bunkers underneath a sheild. Alien ships of up to four types zoom in a circular pattern, eating away at the sheild and then shooting your items if they get through. Sound familar? Only difference is that instead of 3 guns, you have a MISLILE COMMAND type cross to aim at and hit the attackers.

Colony 7 is not a GREAT game but it was a neat new idea, and I personally think Imagic plagarized it. Cosmic Arks first screen was just like SPACE ZAP, too, but at least they added a second screen to expand on it.

I'm not saying these aren't great games, just that credit should be given where credit is due.

If you have MAME, try finding COLONY 7 (or maybe its on the first Taito collection disc?)'s better than atlantis and was here

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