BWii: Battalion Wars 2

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BWii: Battalion Wars 2

Postby N64Dude1 » June 18th, 2009, 10:27 pm

 BWii: Battalion Wars 2

Developer: Kuju
Publisher: Nintendo

Grade: C

Obviously for Wii by the title but it could be taken as saying Battalion Wars 2 twice,but that's beside the point

Anyway when I beat the first one,but got tired of Metroid Prime,I told my Wii owning friend to buy this game (he liked the first as well).So yeah he bought it and enjoyed it and got into and invited me to play some as well But as soon as I started the game I was greeted by awkward controls [as opposed to the original's awesome controls I mean really using the Wiimote to steer,the nunchuck motion to barrel roll,really?],unskippable control tutorials,and fewer similar missions (The first game had missions like defend a base or bomb nerocite towers,this one had capture an airbase and....capture an airbase).Not that's it's all bad after all once you master the controls they can become quite simple to use,their is an introduction of naval fleets [Frigates,Subs,Battleships,and Dreadnoughts to be precise].the online mode is actually pretty good with Co-Op [play with some guy from somewhere and defeat the enemy],Assualt [simply play against someone until the mission is complete or the oppser wins],and Skirmish [pretty much kill as many as the opponents units as possible].While it can be fun,their is that dumb Friend Code stuff and the missions are still annoyingly similar.Beyond that it's Battalion Wars with each faction having campaign and naval fleet. And yes I do like how the cut-scenes are avoidable and usually don't take away from the gameplay.While it does adress multiplayer,it still suffers from most of the originals problems plus adding more new ones than addressing and adding of goodies.

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