Ridge Racer Turbo Edition

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Ridge Racer Turbo Edition

Postby andrew » July 18th, 2009, 12:45 pm

I was ready to play some playstation Ridge Racer 4 goodness but ended up preferring Ridge Racer on the turbo bonus disc that comes with it. I never played the PSX original but from what I can tell the only difference is racing against only one other car to get the frame-rate up.

It's a turbo edition because it employs superior graphics while playing at a ridiculous 60fps (well ridiculous fps comapred to all other PSX and even most PS2 racers). There's only one track with though in two variants but despite the limited course selection, it's still very fun to race. Critic complained about the drifting for which if you play Ridge Racer 4 first like I did it takes some getting used to. Soon enough though I got the hang of it though and was able to better control getting out of a drift. I decided to see if the music cd option actually works and it does, sort of. On the main menu it kind of plays jibberish and in the game it always plays the second half of track seven on any cd only then stops. Once you finish a race, it plays part of another random song. I only used a PS2 so I don't know if it played a role in screwing it up or not. I doubt it. Sadly like the original, there is no mulitplayer.

For pure pick up and play fun, this it right up there. It's still mind boggling how they could have 60fps while clearly improving the graphics for a '99 game on average hardware.

Grade: B

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