Superman - Nintendo 64

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Superman - Nintendo 64

Postby Skinr » August 12th, 2011, 11:55 pm

I bought this game, and actually tried to play it, rather than giving it a 1.0 and paraphrasing the Angry Video Game Nerd. It's actually not as bad as most people would have you believe. Would I have paid $60 for it, even in 1999? No.

The graphics are about average for the N64: nice but full of blurry textures and gourad shading, as well as a tiny draw distance. The stock music is odd, but the voice clips (thankfully, used sparingly) are crystal clear. Sadly, they don't do anything to make the story any less incomprehensible.

Now, we move on to the controls. Flying Superman is simple, if a little loose. Making tight turns is a problem, but you have a lot of freedom with the controls; you can even do a vertical loop without the need for a second analog stick (see Superman: Shadow of Apokolips). Getting him to stop is tricky, which can be a hassle if you need to land somewhere fast. Camera control (using the + Control Pad) allows you to rotate the camera around the Man of Steel, and his movement with the Control Stick is character-relative. Zooming in or out is also possible, so any Superman fans who want to make machinima about the last son of Krypton, go right ahead.

For some reason, you can't save at all unless you have a Controller Pak. There's not even a password feature, so playing later is difficult.

The mission structure consists of vague objectives linked by timed flights through floating rings. Unless you have completely spastic fingers, the ring stages shouldn't be too hard; I was able to do the first one in two tries, not 100 (like many people seem to need).

Overall, the game certainly isn't the worst ever made; not even close. It could have been so much more, but thankfully, people learned from the mistakes of Titus and made the much better Shadow of Apokolips and Superman Returns.

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Superman - Nintendo 64

Postby N64Dude1 » August 13th, 2011, 3:50 pm

I'm gonna have to agree to disgaree on this one,but I'll give you that Bubsy 3D is even worse.

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