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Postby Alienblue » August 23rd, 2011, 1:09 pm


I'm writing on memory so feel free to correct me. I gave away this original black and white Gameboy JOUST years ago, but was reminded of it while playing JOUST today.

It's notable for the EXPANDED version. The ORIGINAL version is impossible to even see on the old Gameboy......I swear your Ostrich is like THREE DOTS jousting collections of other dots. If that was the only version on this tiny cart it would be a solid F-.

But the new version gives JOUST something I felt JOUST 2 really should have had.....a scrolling screen!!!!!! Now your bird is nice and big, and battles the enemy birds on a large scrolling playfield composed, I recall, of large nests on branches. Eggs, Pterodactyls and most other arcade elements are still here but in a nicer form I always thought. Giving JOUST a scrolling screen was a natural, that only this rare GB game ever actually gave it.

The controls are okay, the sound is typical tinny GB beeps, but the graphics are very nice......I wish I had this to play on my GBASP screen now!

I still think the absolute best JOUST is the 5200 version (which I cut my Joust teeth on), but this old GB game was ahead of its time....and sadly it still is! We need this made for the Nintendo 3DS!!!!!!!

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