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Postby Alienblue » September 2nd, 2011, 12:32 pm

SPIDERMAN / 2600 / B+

This was only the second comic-book character game after SUPERMAN, and its amazing for 1982!

Long before animated intros, 3-D HALO type graphics and so forth, this game came along and suprised most 2600 owners.......it was a REALLY good game. Inspired by CRAZY CLIMBER, but much better, your little spiderman shoots and swings on webs, nabs crooks and grabs bombs. The music, as in FROGGER and REACTOR, is AWESOME for this machine. The graphics were very good, though a bit blocky. The only small letdown is after trying so hard to reach the time bomb, you only get a short melody. I think they could have squeezed in a short ending, like Spiderman standing on top of the building or swinging away to the next level. I do like how the levels change colours of the buildings though.

This cart is worth a few bux in boxed condition, since SPIDERMAN collectors are after it too. Not even thanksgiving, and he's Goblin already, he knows how to swing, SPIDERMAN SPIDERMAN NOBODY KNOWS WHO U RRRRR!!!!!!

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Postby VideoGameCritic » September 2nd, 2011, 3:57 pm

The only problem with this game is that Spiderman never gets to kick any ass.  It would have been far more satisfying if you could send the Green Goblin plummeting to his death.



Postby Alienblue » September 3rd, 2011, 12:43 pm

I'll bet that with the VIOLENCE IN VIDEOGAMES stir at the time, they decided not to show Spiderman actually HURTING figures thar represented REAL PEOPLE, versus robots or aliens. Thus when you grab a crook he just dissapears and you can't touch Gobbie.

What I like about this game is you did NOT need to know anything about the comic to enjoy it. It could be a mountaineer swinging on ropes, grabbing rocks or tools. When I did read a spiderman comic years later I thought the Green goblin was the silliest villian.....in fact that was why the movie SEQUAL was better, Doc Ock was so much more sinister than the skinny guy in a mardi gras mask!

I still have the COMIC ADVERTISEMENT for this game, it was very clever and sold the game well. Imagine, when this game came out there was not a single BATMAN videogame on the market! Thats OLD DUDES!

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