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FROGGER 2/2600

Postby Alienblue » September 14th, 2011, 2:09 pm


I know some people like this game, but I have never liked any sequal to FROGGER. The original was PERFECT.........not too complicated, not overly simple, it was JUST RIGHT, with adorable music (though I personally disliked the colours of the coin-op and purple and green? ARGH MY EYES! Call a graphic artist!) and simple to understand play.

THREEEDEEP is too complex. I would have liked it better if it had three seperate LEVELS, instead of connecting the underwater/overwater/sky screens together. And there is just too much junk floating around. I'll say one thing, they crammed a LOT into this 2600 cart, but for frogs sake, you got boats,floats,fish,turtles,gators,birds,dragons, sinks, ipods and a partridge in a pair of threes! Seriously, this is just WAY too ambitious.

Also, the 2600 graphics make it hard to tell some that black line a snake,seaweed,or an eel? Is that a log or a boat? And your frog is WHITE. I've seen green,red even purple frogs but not white ones (maybe its the lady frog from the first game). The oppening theme is nice but the rest of the sounds are WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP, SPLURTCH,VEEEEP! Sounds like a nad gas attack dudes! Controls are not good. The frog slips and slides too easily.

Lastly, why THREEEdeep? Isn't this the SECOND Frogger? Did I miss TWODEEEP? Was it just TOODEEP? I guess its off the DEEPENDS!

P.S. Check out ATARIPROTOS for the 5200 versions missing Sewer screen.

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