3d Tetris and Waterworld (Virtual Boy)

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3d Tetris and Waterworld (Virtual Boy)

Postby a1 » June 27th, 2006, 4:41 am

The Virtual Boy was a short lived system, so it didn't get very many games. Fortunately, the few games that it did get were suprisingly fun. Check the Critic's reviews to read about these games. I'm going to tell you about the bad ones. Why, you ask? So you can avoid them of course.


3d Tetris

I'm going to make this short. You know Tetris, right? It's that really simple and addictive game on almost every system. Take that game, make it 3d, then get rid of the fun, and make it really slow paced. Then you have 3d Tetris. Not only is this not very fun, it doesn't even support the Virtual Boy very well. It's pretty hard to actually tell where the blocks are. The developers clearly use that, because there are small screens on the side to show you what each column looks like. Oh, and hopefully you like red cubes, because that is all you look at in this game.



Wow! A game based on a movie that bombed in theaters, put on a system that failed miserably. Ironic, isn't it? It took me a very long time to realize that I was looking at water in this game, and that's probably a bad sign. I guess the goal of the game is to shoot some jet-skiiers, but I really couldn't tell. In all honesty, the game is mildly enjoyable, but it certainly isn't worth the price you'll find it for on ebay (go take a look). This is for collectors only.

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