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2017/8/24: Saturn: Darius Gaiden, Maximum Force

Posted: August 24th, 2017, 5:15 pm
by VideoGameCritic
Here are two new Saturn reviews.
Darius Gaiden is a re-review (original grade: B). I wrote the original 17 years ago! Good thing it's physical media right?
Maximum Force is a new review.

Re: 2017/8/24: Saturn: Darius Gaiden, Maximum Force

Posted: August 25th, 2017, 4:51 pm
by Retro STrife
Always glad to see new Saturn reviews. I bought Darius Gaiden in a big, cheap lot of Saturn games about 10 years ago, and still haven't played it! I really need to get on that. Your review makes it very clear that I'm missing out.

By the way, complete copies of Darius Gaiden can go for $80-$100, which may qualify for your $$ icon. Although, these days, that's not that high for a Saturn game.. so it raises a question of how you plan to use the icon (i.e., is it system relative like your review scores, or is there a general price for all games when the icon becomes warranted? Personally, I'd go system relative.. or else 75% of your Saturn, Turbografx, and Neo Geo games might have the icon.)

I don't own Maximum Force for some reason, so thanks for the heads up. The Saturn is my favorite system for light gun games, ever since I first played Virtua Cop in the early 2000s, so I've tried to collect all the Saturn light gun games over the years, but somehow this one flew under my radar.