How does your wife/significant other/mom deal with your video games?

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How does your wife/significant other/mom deal with your video games?

Postby Herschie1 » March 12th, 2015, 12:04 am

[QUOTE=Dave][QUOTE=Herschie]My wife took away my PS4 controllers for the day because I had fast food. She says next time I eat that crap, I lose the controller, not that day, but on March 31st, the day MLB 15: The Show comes out. [/QUOTE]

Whoa, so by "wife" you meant "mother," right? [smile] 

Which fine establishment did you patronize? I hope it was worth it.[/QUOTE]

Haha, no, my wife took them alright. I want to be around to play MLB 43: The Show on PS7. I went to this place called "Little Island" by Skokie, it's just a ways north of Chicago. It's a hot dog joint, but I had a bacon cheeseburger. Was it worth it? Well, let's just say that today I got to play a lot of "The Show" on the Vita. You know...

[QUOTE=Voor]Still undecided on how I will let me kids play games.[/QUOTE]

Try having them play the older systems. My nephew came over one day and had a blast playing the 2600 and the NES. It's so heartwarming watching them try to figure out the levels like we did as kids. Plus then they have a greater appreciation for the newer games. 

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How Does Your Significant Other feel About Gaming?

Postby matmico399 » May 10th, 2016, 8:41 pm

Whether it's a wife/husband, or a g/f or /b/f or whatever in this day and age. How do they feel about it?

My ex wife enjoyed certain video games back in the day, but apparently has no interest in it anymore. My kids told me. The girls I have dated since then have ranged from really enjoying them to no interest at all. There seem to be very scattered opinions.

I would luv to hear from others how their significant others feel. Particularly Mrs. Critic. Dave spends so much time working, playing games, writing about games, grading games, buying games, etc. Does this wear on the spouse or other at all? I am curious to hear others feedback on this as well. Also how your kids (if you have some) feel about gaming in general. This could be an interesting thread!

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Re: How does your wife/significant other/mom deal with your video games?

Postby VideoGameCritic » May 10th, 2016, 8:57 pm

Like most grown women I know my wife is ambivalent about games. The only two games she really loves are Dr. Mario and Centipede (arcade). She has been know to binge on those but rather bothers any more. She will play a Streets of Rage game with me on occasion - a game that dates back to our dating days. She seems to have no interest in trying anything new.

She doesn't seem to mind me working on the site because I guess she sees me at the computer programming and figures I must be being productive. When I'm playing games she pretty much does her own thing.

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Re: How does your wife/significant other/mom deal with your video games?

Postby BanjoPickles » May 11th, 2016, 7:17 pm

After I sold most of my collection, a few years back, I rebuilt a collection in digital form. I have a ton of retro downloads for my Wii, Wii U, PS3, PS Vita, and New 3DS. We live in a small apartment, so having these games is ideal because they take up invisible space rather than physical space.

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Re: How does your wife/significant other/mom deal with your video games?

Postby bluenote » May 12th, 2016, 9:13 am

I'm a pretty moderate gamer, only playing an hour or so here or there. To me, it's all about balance. If you're playing 5 hours every night in the basement, while you're wife is doing her own thing, then you're going to have problems. I will play a couple of hours on a Monday for instance, then on Tuesday spend time with my wife, then play tennis on Wednesday, thursday with my wife, etc. Of course, this is after the kids go to bed.

My kids (6 and 3) are enjoying playing games with me. My daughter enjoys playing Yoshi's Wooley World with me, and my son likes playing Lego Marvel as well. It's great fun!

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