Incident at a Gamestop

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Incident at a Gamestop

Postby scotland » May 26th, 2016, 9:29 am

A story about a family who went to Gamestop on a Friday evening in a suburb of Washington DC, and ended up involved in an armed robbery. They went to get their elementary school son a stuffed Yoshi. When the gunmen enter, he was near the front, and punches a robber, before being brought to his father and mother at the back of the store.

No one was hurt physically, and the store manager gave the boy his Yoshi stuffie. Scary stuff as a parent who likes taking his kids to Gamestop. Crime happens everywhere, so not pointing fingers at Gamestop or anything. Even the robbers did not harm anyone, other than pointing guns and terrorizing them of course. Wonder if it turns out the robbers shop there. That kid now has a video game related childhood memory that tops ours.

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