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Super Nintendo World Theme Park

Posted: April 26th, 2017, 5:36 pm
by scotland

Nintendo has partnered with Universal Studios to build "Super Nintendo Worlds" at three parks - Osaka, Orlando and Hollywood. The first park in Japan is scheduled for 2020 for that country hosting the Olympic games. This is the only concept art I could find,
My guess is that it will include a "Mario Kart" race track. What else should it have? A Zelda themed indoor ride? A Donkey Kong roller coaster? I know...a NES Classic ride that only lets 15 people a day in and then closes after the Olympics as a 'limited engagement' event.


Re: Super Nintendo World Theme Park

Posted: April 27th, 2017, 6:35 am
by Rookie1
Hmmm...when they open it I wonder if they will only print enough tickets for the scalpers to buy? Or if the parks will open with only one good ride and then have signs all over the park stating that they have developers from dozens of companies working hard to bring you more rides and attractions. Then when they do get more rides, they will just be re-purposed rides using decades old tech. And then after two years they will just abandon the park. ;)