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Network Question

Postby ZetaX1 » May 25th, 2009, 2:42 pm

Hi guys. I've run into a little issue with regard to hooking up multiple consoles to the internet. Here's the deal, I haven't been too happy with how my PS3 connects wirelessly to my router (Wii works fine, PS3 seems to have a weak signal half the time). I decide I'll just hook it up with a wired connection...I've already got a chunk of wire running under the house for my 360, I'll just get a ethernet switch, plug both consoles into it, no big deal. Unfortunately, the PS3 doesn't like to...share. Anyone else try doing something like this?

The setup I'm trying:

Cable Modem -> Router -> Switch -> PS3/360

Any help/suggestions would be great. Thanx.

- Mark

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