MLB: The show 18

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Re: MLB: The show 18

Postby Voor » April 11th, 2018, 7:08 pm

If you want some hilarious translations, check this out:

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Re: MLB: The show 18

Postby Matchstick » April 12th, 2018, 12:53 am

Herschie wrote:Hey, if MLB is going to start cloning players, maybe they can bring back a young Andre Dawson to replace Heyward for the Cubs!

Heh. If only!

Remember that insurance commercial from a few years ago? It think it was for State Farm. Kerry Wood is walking along the ivy at the outfield wall, pulling junk out of it that people have lost over the years. At one point, he reaches in deep, and pulls out Andre Dawson, who asks, "What year is it?" Pretty great.

Back on topic, I think what makes the glitches in The Show somewhat unforgivable is that it's a game that prides itself on realism. Glitches in an older game, with simpler, cartoony graphics, are a little easier to look past. A game that looks and sounds as realistic as The Show can almost suspend your disbelief, making you feel like you're controlling an actual MLB game full of real players. You can become transported, to an extent. Then a glitch shows up and smacks you in the face, like a pinch waking you up from a dream. Nope, still a video game. Dangit!!

Similar sports games have had issues like this. I think the first NBA Live on Xbox One was outright canceled, and never released, due to a bevy of glitches that were too hard for the programmers to iron out. Among others, faces would disappear from players, elbows and knees would suddenly bend the wrong direction, and players would walk through the crowd like they weren't even there. Similar "face disappearing" glitches have shown up in other more realistic games, like Assassin's Creed Unity, and boy, is it creepy!

As long as The Show doesn't have anything like that, I think I'd be all right with it. Still looks like a fantastic game, especially since I haven't played once since the 2009 edition. How far they've come!

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