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Supports Kinect (Xbox 360) or Move (Playstation 3) controllers.

Child of EdenXbox 360Ubisoft2011C
Dance CentralXbox 360Harmonix2010B+
Dance Central 2Xbox 360Harmonix2011B+
Fruit NinjaXbox 360Halfbrick Studios2011C
House of the Dead Overkill: Extended CutPlaystation 3Sega2012D
Killzone 3Playstation 3Sony2011C-
Kinect AdventuresXbox 360Microsoft2010C
Kinect SportsXbox 360Microsoft2010C+
Kinect Sports Season 2Xbox 360Microsoft2011C
Kinect Star WarsXbox 360Microsoft2012B-
Kung-Fu High ImpactXbox 360UTV True Games2011B-
Rise of NightmaresXbox 360Sega2011B+
Sports ChampionsPlaystation 3Sony2010A
Sports Champions 2Playstation 3Sony2012B+
Steel Battalion: Heavy ArmorXbox 360Capcom2012F-
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13Playstation 3Electronic Arts2012D-
Time Crisis: Razing StormPlaystation 3Namco2010C
Virtua Tennis 4Xbox 360Sega2011C

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