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This is a strategy game.

50 Mission CrushCommodore 64Strategic Simulations Inc.1984D+
Advance WarsGame Boy AdvanceNintendo2001A-
Aliens Vs. Predator: ExtinctionXboxElectronic Arts2003B-
CheckersAtari 2600Activision1980D
Civilization RevolutionXbox 3602K Games2008B+
Command and ConquerNintendo 64Westwood1999A-
Fire Emblem AwakeningNintendo 3DSNintendo2013A
Guardian War3DOMatsushita1994C-
Heir of ZendorSaturnKoei1996D
HexedVectrexFury Unlimited2013B+
Micro League BaseballAtari XEGSMicro League Sports1984B+
Military MadnessTurbografx-16NEC1990A-
Pikmin 3Wii UNintendo2013A-
R-Type CommandPSPIrem2008C-
Red Storm RisingCommodore 64Microprose1988A
SameGame and RobotsIntellivisionMike Hayes2005B+
Sonar SearchFairchild Channel FFairchild1977B+
Star ChessArcadia 2001Emerson1982F
Star Wars ChessSega CDLucasArts1994C-
Vandal HeartsPlaystationKonami1997A+
Video CheckersAtari 2600Atari1980F
Video ChessAtari 2600Atari1978D-
Warcraft IIPlaystationElectronic Arts1998D-
Worms ArmageddonDreamcastMicroprose1999B+
Worms World PartyDreamcastTitus2001B+
XCOM: Enemy UnknownXbox 3602K Games2012B+

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